I've been in a firefight...well, I've been in a fire.
Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Hi guys!

I'm at my new best freinds house. She's my new best friend because she has DSL and she's willing to share! Unfortuantly she lives about an hour away from me...and i have no car.

In any case, I have to tell about the most exciting day of my life! Sense the non-excistant 'nun incidenet' that is.

I hope your all comfortable.

Soooo...Stephanie and I were talking this other girl, Katie, and her horse home. And we get the horse out of the trailer and in his little stall and we got out of the truck because Katies grandma, Maggie, was going to feed us and i was HUNGRY. But instead of coming out of the house with food, Maggie comes running out screaming "Fire! Fire!" and shes pointing over at the mountain and sure enough there is a small fire and a lot of smoke. Lighting had stuck there and started one.

You have to understand that we are kind of out in the boonies. There is a LOT of sagebrush that is really think and really dry, sense we are 5 years into a drought. Fire touches the sagebush and FOOM the sage brush becomes ash and smoke.

So anyhoo, we run around grabbing shovels and jump into the truck and drive up the road to try and get to the fire before it gets REALLY out of hand.

We get as close as we possibly can on the road, then jumped out, grabbed our shovels and started running through the sagebrush towards the ever growing fire. Running through the sage brush may sound simple enough, but it isn't as easy as it sounds. We're at altudude and the sage is thick. I was the last one in our group, beaten by the 11 year old and her 50 year old grandmother. This is why I quit the track team. In anycase, I DO get to the fire and then I have to stand there for a second to try and figure out what to do. Nobody else seems to know though so i just start throwing dirt onto the fire.

Some lady in a pink shirt shows up and starts yelling about how we have to make a perimiter. This sounds good, but the fire is moving FAST and we can't get far enough ahead of it to make a block thing and not get burned.

Somehow i find myself in front of the fire, madly throwing dirt on the thing and it looks like we might actually have it when the wind changes and the sage right in front of me practicly explodes. I decide that this might be a good time to move.

I follow Maggie down to the truck and Stephanie moves the truck out of the way. At this time, two firetrucks FINALLY arive, 20 minutes after the call was made. I recognise both guys, a father and son team. These two make up the entire Rancho Haven Voulunteer Fire Department. They do have water though. Somebody knocks on the door of the closest house to find that nobody is home. This person does have four horses and four dogs, though, and to top it off, one of the horses is blind.

We grab the dogs and shove them in some random guys truck, and he takes them to my house and puts them in the kennels.

We grab the horses and lead them to Maggies house, where they are left to run maddly around the round pen. Even the blind one. I think the blind one did less running and more standing still then the others.

That taken care of we run back up the road, and knock on the door of another neighbors house. The door is answered by two small boys, the oldest is three. We ask them if their parents are around, and they answer, "No. I guess not." After a lot of searching and tears from the younger one, we find the mom in the back. The woman has some fish and some chicken.

We decide that her animals arn't worth saving.

While all this is going on, more fire trucks show up, and even a little plane, which drops that red stuff on the fire.

We decide that there isn't really anything else we can do, so we go back to Maggies, and she finaly feeds us, although nobodys really into eating. Brian, Maggies husband, drives up on the quad, and tells us that the house we grabbed the horses and dogs from came close to buring down. The firefighter people had to knock her fence down to get into her yard, because the fire was in her yard. Which is bad.

And apparently this woman is some sort of crazy bitch, and there are many predidctions that she will sue us for touching her animals.

So that was my day.


How was yours?


Sunday, October 3, 2004 9:11 AM


I guess you really can get punished for doing the right thing. I'm sure the horses and dogs are thankful to you.

Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:55 AM


My day? Uh well, I went to Blockbuster and then the comic shop and then I bought some crickets and came home, thanks for asking.

Damm, that just sounds so un-cool after that potential bodily harm stuff. Good to hear you're safe.

Thursday, July 1, 2004 11:20 AM


Ebo.. .you rock. No WONDER Tash harbors a less-than-secret crush on you.

Thursday, July 1, 2004 9:51 AM


Wild day. May your times be less intresting for a while to make up for it. I don't mean boring, but with less chance of bodily harm.

Thursday, July 1, 2004 4:30 AM


Wow, glad to hear you made it safe Ebo. Exciting, terrifying stuff. Hope you don't have any consequences from the crazy neighbor


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