Why Firefly?
Sunday, November 5, 2006

I am amazed that I am sitting here at my computer on a Sunday afternoon writing about a TV series and subsequent movie. I have one TV, no cable and spend more time reading and listening to must (when I'm home) than watching TV. I do rent DVD's and was a Buffy fan - Angel not quite so much.

Still I think it was hearing Joss Wheadon interviewed that lead me to Buffy in the first place. He was talking about how he wanted to write a show that depicted strong and powerful women - showing the small, blonde girl standing up to the bad guys instead of being rescued just in the nick of time. He talked about how he grew up around strong women and how that shaped his life.

His atheism was also of interest to me. I lean toward agnostiscm - cowardly atheist I gues, but I do believe (or hope) there is some greater force for good that if not guiding us at least was part of a beneficient beginning. I can work that out - but like River in the show - the Bible doesn't make sense to me without a few inserts.

So I became an avid Buffy fan about the 3rd year into the series. I enjoy good fantasy that can take the mind into deep areas that are difficult to explore in day-to-day living. I liked the humor and thought the characters and acting were superior.

I missed Firefly when it first came out. Just didn't know about it somehow - not sure how. 2002 was the year my dad was very sick and died in May of that year. I suspect I was preoccupied and not watching much TV.

I rented Serenity this summer and enjoyed it but mostly I was attracted to River. I practice some maritial arts - Krav Maga - which I got into because of my love of watching Buffy kick butt. I like good martitial arts movies, too. I must have not listened to the commentary when I first watched Serenity because I still don't remember hearing about Firefly.

Recently when rewatching the Buffy series on DVD I heard Joss talking about Nathan Fillon who played Caleb in BtVS Season 7. His acting was amazing, truly evil and very natural. It was then that I check out Nathan and found Firefly. I bought the DVD series and first watched it on my little 13" TV (bc the bigger one died and I didn't replace it).

I was hooked and went online and found this site. I'm now a daily participant, bought Serenity and watched it again last night, bought DTI (haven't watched it yet - on for tonight) and vote for Firefly as Best TV show regularly.

So what is it about this show that is different from others I've enjoyed? That's what I'm asking myself. While I enjoyed Buffy and will watch it again, along with some others, Harry Potter, Napoleon Dynamite and The Gods Must be Crazy, etc. - I've never considered joining fan clubs or talking about them on line. Well maybe Buffy I am currently reading The Philosophy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (quite interesting).

Well there are the ususal things - Joss Wheadon is involved - the characters are interesting, work well together, and are attractive and appealing. The show is exciting and shows people as they are - changing, shifting from cute to cranky, from altruistic to mean and nasty. There are challenges, nemises(sp?) and sex.

There is the fighting - women and men together - River is still the strongest and smartest of the bunch - but as someone once said to me - for her - that's kind of like having brown eyes. I do love good kick-ass fights (thus the western things fits well). Zoe's character, too, is strong, silent - speaks her mind when she really has something to say. Mal is kind of like the character of Buffy - the anti-hero - although he doesn't have super powers - he's quite good at seeing and implementing the big picture - the plan - even if it's by the seat of his pants at time. Wash is funny and a crucial part of the team. I can't imagine how they would replace him if and when Firefly gets back on or Serenity II is made. Kaylee is kind of like Willow to Buffy. She's solid and sweet as well as sexy cute. Inara wouldn't seem to fit but she does. She plays Mal's counterpart and almost alter-ego. Jayne provides the wild-card. He's really all of us in our goodness, stupidness and badness but we watch him evolve - like a big, brutish child. Book was to Mal and the crew like Giles was to the scoobies. He has his history and story that we can only guess at. Sorry he had to be sacrificed. Don't think I missed anyone. So this is just a quick synopsis - as I get it at this point.

I think what really draws me to this show though - above all else - is that here is a rag-tag bunch of misfits who stand up against the establishment. Sometimes they are more like mosquitoes biting them in the butt but in the end - the go for the whole big dam thing and they win!

I now have a bigger TV having traded my granddaughter (who is 8 and also liked Firefly). I am going to watch Serenity again tonight on my 21 inch TV, then the series again. Just bought a women's Browncoat and Serenity tee which I will proudly wear to my next Krav Maga class. Maybe it will improve my form. Who knows!

"I love my captain."


Tuesday, November 7, 2006 10:43 AM


It always comes down to Joss, doesn't it?


Glad to have you aboard, Siri! Welcome to the warmest and most caring bunch of social riff-raff you could ever wish to meet. Probably should try to hunt up the "Introduce Yourself" (or something along those lines) chat thread so FollowMal, our beloved Nathan Appreciator and Quartermaster, can give you the Official Virtual Browncoat as a symbol of your membership and solidarity:D



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