Did anyone catch Alan on CSI?
Saturday, November 4, 2006

Alan was on CSI Los Vegas this past thursday. He played a pedophile. He had me all kinds of creepified. I'm starting to like our BDH as bad guys. I loved Gina in Alas and I don't even like Alas. I can't wait to see Nathan in Lost. Does anyone else know of our BDH playing bad guys on anything else?


Sunday, November 5, 2006 9:14 PM


I've seen a preview for "Day Break," SAVEWASH...he's a prick, and possibly in on the conspiracy that plagues the Taye Diggs character...but not eeevil. Take his character of Marcus Hamilton and tone him down a small notch;)

And I pointed out in another post, pretty much only Summer and Ron haven't played "evil" characters that I am aware of. Though Ron's done a lot of television.

Let's see...we got:

1) Nathan Fillion - Caleb the misogynistic and psycho preacher on S7 of "Buffy"

2) Gina Torres - Jasmine the goddess who kills through good vibes on S4 of "Angel" and Anna Espinosa on "Alias"

3) Adam Baldwin - Marcus Hamilton, liason between Angel & co. and the Senior Partners in S5 of Angel, and probably a few baddies in his 20+ year career

4) Alan Tudyk - Carl Fisher the paedophile this season on CSI Las Vegas, and Sonny the N5 android in "I, Robot" (though Sonny's probably the anti-Carl in that he seems evil but ain't)

5) Jewel Staite - Ellia the Wraith (space vampire) on "Stargate Atlantis" and Daisy Lipenowski on "Higher Ground" (though she was more just an anti-Kaylee, I find)

6) Morena Baccarin - Adria the Orici (human-Ori hybrid) on "Stargate SG-1"

7) Sean Maher - Carson Mackie the necrophiliac Spring Break video producer on "CSI Miami" and I think his character of Conor on "Ghost Whisperer" was less than grand...

8) Summer Glau - Hmm...closest I would go to creepy/evil is River or Tess Doerner from "The 4400." 'Less you wanna believe it was actually her in the episode of "Supernatural" about the zombie roommate;)

9) Ron Glass - Well...he played Satan in an episode of "The Twilight Zone" in ' least according to IMDB, that is;)

So yeah...lots of creepiness, though the "fighter" BDHs (Mal, Zoe, and Jayne) have the best track record for creepy characters so far:D


Saturday, November 4, 2006 5:03 PM


OK I feel so bad, but I couldn't do it. I tivo'd it and all but I just couldn't watch him be all eviland horrible. I feel kind of guilty for not being supportive, but it's just too awful for Wash ( yes I know he's an actor and all, but ...) I just couldn't...

Saturday, November 4, 2006 2:37 PM


You are certainly right that he was creepifying. He had me believing he was innocent and then he had me believing the worst and then he had me believing he really did love the boy and then... I would have bought a used car from him! That was some performance.

I don't know if Adam Baldwin plays a bad guy or not, but he'll be in "Day Break" on ABC. I haven't decided whether I'll watch it or not, but I might just take a peek to see Adam. (I don't know if he's a long-term character or not either.)


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