losing momentum
Friday, November 3, 2006

OK. Wallpaper's up downstairs. Not so much hapenning with the moving thing. The weather has officially changed up hyar, and I'm not looking forward to moving in the snow...again. Who knows, we may be stuck here till spring any old how.
Work's been a grind the last couple of weeks. I'm cranky 'cause at least half the staff is cranky and I wish they'd either get over it or move on. There are some legitimate gripes, but not nearly that many.
I'm not getting much (OK anything) done on the fanfic writing front. I've barely been able to check my email, let alone read through threads and fanfics. I'm pooped.
At least I've gotten through a few books in the last three weeks. Christopher Moore has saved the day. Wacky fun!
Cocoa and rice pudding are calling me.


Saturday, November 4, 2006 8:42 PM


Never really seen the big to-do about rice pudding, honestly. To me, it resembles something unpleasant:(

Still...gonna send you some happy vibes to help ya get through the home improvement work, the possible move to come, and crappy vibe time at work. Least I can do to help get my stinkingrose fanfic fix;)



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