Me = No Supernova.
Thursday, October 26, 2006


Sent all sympathy to me.

I can't go to Supernova, because as I like to so put it "My parents suck."

Being 18 in Australia means I can drink, smoke, buy knives. My parents are cool with that (not that I smoke or buy knives, but Tequila is my friend). What they are decidedly NOT cool with is me going to Sydney (I live about 2 and a bit hours by car away) for a day.

Stubborn oldies that they are.

All I wanna do is go down there, see Summer Glau and get her autograph, buy some swag and meet some fellow Browncoats.

I WAS gonna sneak out, but I have no moolah for the train ticket, let alone anything else. I'd need a loan for it. They have no problemo loaning me money for anything else (DVD's, games, books, etc) but for something I REALLY want to go to? Nope, sorry but 'no can do'.

It's not like I've ever NOT payed them back. As far as I'm concerened the only thing worse than a favour, is a favour involving money, so I make it a thing to make borrowing it a last resort, and paying it back a first priority.

If I can't go, I might pop down to the local book store and spend my meager funds on the 'Serenity Official Visual Companion'.

However, if anyone feels so unfunnily, incredibly, amzingly, tremdedously, stupendously, horrifically generous, maybe pick up some swag for me? I know that's an outragous request (believe me, I know more tha you think), but I'm desperate. I'm not asking for much, just small stuff. and I will of course, pay you for it. IF you feel like being a saint, then contact me, my msn is amorphicbeing at hotmail dot com and my myspace is so we can discuss muchly good things. And no, I am not gay. A friend thought it' be hi-larious to make that my myspace url name. And to think I bought him Firefly for his birthday....

So, I've ranted, I've begged, I've whinged.

My work here is done.


Saturday, October 28, 2006 12:07 PM


Wow...guess my parents spoilt me by allowing me a lot of leeway and trust when I was younger;)

Still...I feel for ya, BTF...I can't go/didn't go to Supernova either. Though my reason is because I live on another continent....


Friday, October 27, 2006 5:25 AM


HUGs- I'm sorry sweety. Sometimes life is very unfair. Hang in there and I'm sure the conventions will continue and you'll get to go.


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