Dragon*Con Part IV: The End Draws Near; Laughter and Tears
Saturday, October 14, 2006

Because I got in so late (early???) I woke up late, therefore missing a panel I had wanted to attend about how to make fairy photographs. Sigh, aw well. I did get to go to a Buffy panel though. It was ok. There were some funny anecdotes. After that was the third BDH panel. Good panel, yep yep. In it, I think the best thing was that Alan read his Wash Eulogy. Yep, that’s right. You see, he read it at the wake but he ALSO read it at the panel on request of the person who wrote it. She wanted him to write her a “note” you see *giggles* cause she needed to prove to her friends who weren’t there that he actually did read it. He did her two better. He not only signed that he did, but (1) he actually read it to everyone, and (2) he edited it as he went along. Yep, Alan put little things in the margins (all funny of course) and read them out loud. My favorite was when he decided there weren’t enough words emphasizing his unique manliness. He chose to put a few thousand more “sexy” words in there, hehehe. “SEXY SEXY SEXY” yep, you go Alan! You’re totally in the right here. (click here to see Alan read his Wash eulogy:


After the panel, I went and hung out with my bestest mei mei, Washie. We had lunch and talked. I got really sad because I knew this was my last day in Atlanta with my pals, and the day was already half-over. Eventually, we split for a bit, and I checked out the rest of the dealer rooms I hadn’t seen. There wasn’t much in the dealer rooms, I have to say…I mean, they were huge and all…but there wasn’t that much there that I was interested in. Washie called me as I was checking out the last dealer room and said that she and TRM were at the Done the Impossible screening (something I had been wanting to see) and wanted to know whether I could come. I was like, “Duh!!!” lol “Of course!!!” So, I rushed over to where it was screening, and (although I got there late so it had already started) I had a great time. It was so much fun just to hang out with TRM and Washie, but to watch a browncoaty movie just topped the cake. Sigh, I miss them and everyone. Oh, and I even saw a special easter egg on the dvd (apparently there are a lot of them) featuring Jewel Staite when she was a kid doing a compost commercial. Dude, it was so freaking funny! I’d definitely try to find it on the dvd if I were you.

After that, I was getting all sad again because the day was almost done and the next morning I had to leave. TRM, Washie, and I spent the rest of the evening/night together. We went out to dinner (and TRM, being the wonderful guy he is, picked up the check) and talked and joked, and for the last event of the evening, we went to the “Whose Line is it Anyway” final competition. It was funny, but I was sooo sad…wish I could have stayed with them forever. I didn’t want to come home, still don’t want to be here. Washie walked me to my room and we said our goodbyes, mine quite full of tears. Sigh…I need to go back next year, or get a time machine and go back to the one this year…It was that shiny. Wouldn’t have been nearly so shiny if I hadn’t been with my browncoat friends, so I’m so glad they were there…sigh, good times…


Monday, October 16, 2006 5:19 AM


Mucho thanks for this D*C report, EA! Definitely something to help the unfortunate Browncoats who couldn't attend live vicariously through your words;D


Saturday, October 14, 2006 4:23 PM


Thank you for the diary, EA.
Much better late than never, I'd say.
And "almost as good as being there"
as well.

bun, too far from Atlanta...


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