Dragon*Con Part II: Browncoats, Browncoats Everywhere!
Saturday, October 14, 2006

On Friday morning Washie, my family, and I went to the aquarium. It was shiny. My two favorite things there were the Beluga whales and the blinking jellyfish that lit up (they looked like little UFO ships with blinking lights). Then, after we saw all the animals, I pet a small shark. It was so cool. He had roughish skin that was still smooth. I had so much fun with my mei mei…After the aquarium, I headed back to my hotel and hung out for a while.

Then, it was time for BDH Panel #1!!! Woot!! That was so awesome. I went down and got in line with some friends, and while we waited the Bedlam Bards came out and played us a couple songs!! Waiting in line was actually fun! There were a plethora of Jayne Hats lined up against the building, and the line twisted through pillars and off into the distance. The panel itself was shiny too! (of course) When Alan and Summer came out, there was a HUGE cheer!!! They are both so awesome. Summer seemed super sweet and shy, and Alan was…well, he was Alan! Cracking jokes and making fun. There were plenty of questions asked (all entertaining and informative) and both of our BDHs did their best to answer them. I even asked a question!

You see, there were these two dinosaurs on the table next to Alan…so I figured, “Weeeeelllllll, why not ask him to do the dinosaur scene from Serenity: the pilot?” *grins* When I finally got to ask him to do so, he was reluctant. He didn’t know all the words and so forth. Me and the rest of the room convinced him otherwise however and were actually treated to seeing Summer and Alan perform as the stegosaurus and the T-rex. Summer didn’t know ANY of the lines, so Alan fed them to her and she did a cute shy steg impression. It was so sweet to watch and everyone laughed. Alan did the T-rex and remembered most of his lines. He let the crowd fill in some of the specifics from time to time since EVERYBODY in the browncoat community knows that scene from start to finish :P It actually turns out that I got the last question (what a way to end a panel!). (click on this link to watch Alan and Summer do the dinosaur scene from Firefly:


Although I’m partial to my question, the best part about this panel was that Alan called Nathan up on the phone and put him on speaker for a bit! (Ah my want of Nathan to be there came true in a sense. Yay!) Here’s how it happened: Summer was joking that she wasn’t really sad that Wash and Book died. Alan got this hurt look in his eyes, called up Ron, began to say, “Ron, Summer doesn’t like us anymore” or something to that affect, and then realized that he actually had called Nathan up. As he tried to put Nathan on speaker phone, he accidentally hung up, and then as the browncoat crowd begged him to call Nathan back, Nathan called Alan back and Alan put him on speaker. They talked about some things (including Summer a bit) and when he asked if Summer was there listening after a pause and Alan said yes, he said in the funniest voice, “…oh this is awkward…” It cracked everyone in the room up. It was great. (click on this link to see Nathan Fillion's cell phone conversation with Alan and the browncoats:


Later that night, I made my way over to the Miranda Trial, which was a mock trial where people could voice their concerns about the Miranda conspiracy and the movie. Halfway through that, the tight space of the room started to get to me and I excused myself and made my way to open air. It was an ok event, but I would have liked for it to be more mocked up, the way it had been in the first five minutes.

So on I go to find the Toga Party I had heard about from Washie…so dressed in a sheet (yes…I stole a sheet from the Hyatt and made a toga) I went from the Hyatt to the Mariott, then from the Mariott to the Hilton, and then from the Hilton back to the Hyatt trying to find where this toga party was. Well, lo and behold, I ride up the escalator to the sounds of TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! *rolls eyes* That was basically the extent of the party. I stood around with about 10 other people who occasionally break out into a chorus of short-lived “TOGA”s. Stayed there for about 30 minutes before I gave up and headed back up to my room. It was a good day.


Monday, October 16, 2006 4:56 AM


Wow...it's things like this that make me really irksome that I am a poor university student living thousands of miles away from the big convention spots:(

Still...these events sounded like all kinds of hoots;)


Saturday, October 14, 2006 3:04 PM


Sounds like you had a great time!

I've watched that Nathan/Alan phone call video before but still can't make out all the words to it. Are you able to fill in any of the indistinguishable parts??


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