Dragon*Con Part I: The Peoples Arrive
Saturday, October 14, 2006

Well, today totally sucked (bad headache, feeling bad, pouring rain...soaking me, and then came the hours of trying to get back to the hotel), but the night more than made up for it!! I got to meet my peeps!!! lol. I got to hug my mei mei...:) Ah, let me start from the beginning.

The first good thing of the day (night i suppose, nothing good about the day) was we went out to dinner at Hard Rock. While there I ordered a virgin strawberry daquiri. It came with a strawberry on top and I decided I needed to practice my strawberry eating ;) After all, I AM going to be Kaylee on Saturday and eat a strawberry. That's when I noticed some guys across from our table...and one seemed like he was checking me out. Who could blame him? :P I had a strawberry swirling around in my mouth! lol.

After dinner, we didn't have much time until the firefly trivia contest so we headed down to the Marriott concourse and actually didn't get lost on our way there. Yahoo!!! lol. My little bro, dad, and I participated in it and it was shiny shiny! So fun to see people and joke around with them, even if I hadn't met them before. After all, we were all browncoats there. I met my friends that I had never met in person before, including Elemdee and Karel and Washie!! I didn't see her until after she came in the room because she came in when I was up for my question. When i went to the back of the line and turned around, there she was!! I squeed so much and we ran up to huggle each other! :) after a few rounds of the trivia I actually won something: two license plate holders that say serenity on them....well now all i have to do is get a car...lol. omg, sooooo shiny to be here!!!! sigh.

And now? SLEEP!! (oh hey, bagpipes playing outside!!! PAR-TAE! :P)


Monday, October 16, 2006 4:52 AM


Isn't it amazing in what provokes us to take a step like contemplating the purchase of a car?


Mighty happy to hear you won something at the trivia contest, EngineAngel!



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