A Bug in My Ear Pt. 6
Thursday, October 12, 2006

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Islam “fights” back
Not a chain letter, not a call to arms, it’s a disarming plea to buy the stamp to show that Islam is “O-tay”. (At this point, dear reader, I want to remind us that the plight of our Islamic citizenry, while it is offensive to me, is not the main thrust of my diatribe. I’m not pro-Islam, I’m not anti-Islam. I’m for a free America where freedom means the same for everyone. The Muslims are the flavor of the times. History continues to repeat itself on these shores and we don’t appear any the wiser. The Italians, the Irish and the Indians have all taken their turn. Asians get overlooked all the time. I already gave mention to the Hispanics in the first part. A century and a half ago I might have been dubbed “Nigger-lover” not because I had any particular love of another race but because my current beliefs would want equality for all. Oh my God! He said it! He said the “N” word. Yes, I did. I don’t wish to water down the vile taste it should leave in everyone’s mouth. It has become wrong for white men to utter the “N” word in any context, even when arguing for the very justice which finds the word reprehensible. I find that to be just as wrong. A century and a half ago, I would not have had the courage to write words of freedom among certain audiences. Let that be a measure of the least bit of progress. And where in any of these descriptions and labels do we see representation of those with Arabic heritage who are not Muslims? I don’t see them.)

All that said, it is the Muslims currently under consideration here and I better get back on topic. The remainder of the webpage quotes another website (The Virtual Stamp Club) about the popularity of the EID stamp. There seems to have bee a boycott of sorts which was overcome by the Muslim-American interest groups (terrorist cells no doubt) causing an upsurge of Muslim purchases assuring the stamp’s continuation.

And so we don’t think it’s all about the Muslims, I offer up:
This article references several of the above articles and since its their stamp, I’m going to let them have the last word.

Holy Crap! There’s a Chinese Stamp? How did that happen? Who do we write to about that? They’re North Korea’s main (only?) ally. What next? A North Korean stamp? With Kim Jong Il on it? Oh, wait, you have to be dead to be on a US postage stamp. Hmmm…

The main point here is instead of questioning why should we give the Muslim folks a stamp, why shouldn’t we give them one? Well, the answer can only be that they have fewer rights and/or they have nothing to be proud of and/or our war against Islam is all-encompassing. – Hmph. It’s their war with us, remember? Not the other way around. Get it straight.

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