Back in the Black
Sunday, October 8, 2006

Well, that was quite a delay. Mind you, this latest chapter is about twice the length of the others. Once it actually started rolling, it went quite well.

Comedy is much harder to write than tragedy. Or even straight action. Anyone can blow things up. Or kill folks. Hell, even scribble smut. But keeping tone and pace, creating an arc, building expectation and then attempting to yank things into another direction? You gotta be crazy (or a disciple of the BDJoss Himself) to attempt it. Now I just have to find out if anyone else likes it.

In the Real World, I'm trying to sell my house (cue extensive redecorating, packing away of books, fierce fights not to pack away anything that may be useful 'Verse-wise...) and I just discovered that it's worth about half as much again as what I paid for it four years ago.

So, my first thought was - when I have a bigger house and more money, I can buy a really good big flat screen so I can watch the BDH on it. (Insert disgusting joke about Jayne and inches here... ) There is also a plan to have a proper study with a permanent broadband connection and an entire bookwall (or two) My books are beginning to warp time and space around themselves - they have already caused structural damage. And then I will have a comfy office chair and a decent desk.

And then I can really devote some time and effort to this.


Tuesday, October 10, 2006 6:00 PM


Well...I get first crack at telling ya my impressions of the continuation of Cold Comfort Mountain: you ain't lost one iota of skill, flair or spot-on characterization, SpaceAnJL:D

And I really wouldn't mind having some of that myself. Definitely know what it's like to have so many books that structural damage is occuring from their weight;)



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