Cool Poem
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

This is from a guy on my email list, he has never heard of firefly before and its awesome isnt it. I love it.

Friend of mine, how we have grown
The times have passed, went and gone
over the past few years
leaving memories of joy and tears

You take my hand and hold it tight
you see me through the darkest night
While others laugh and call me weak
you stand up, and turn the other cheek

You push me forward, driving on
giving me a reason just to push on
This day is a new day, new victories to win
Think about the future, you say, not whats been

You take the bad dream, and bad thoughts aside
though my life seem just like a bad thrill ride
and drown out my worries with love and peace
you take my chaos, and bring sweet relief

You take my mouth, and give me words to say
and when in doubt, you save the day
For when i am at a loss, and my words just wont quip
You filll the silence by carresing my lips

You take my lost heart and guard it tight
You take my dark soul and add the light
You take my nothing and bring everything anew
I just wanted to say I love you

Jarid Earnest



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