1st Blog Entry - Firefly Meetup Orlando
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Well...were to begin. This is my first blog entry in any forum...ever! So no pressure. As a devoted browncoat I think it's only right that I inform others of my potentially exciting current events. Hopefully those that read this won't spontaenously throw up on thier keyboards, if they do, well they have my deepest apologies.

I currently have two stories online...Revenge Is Early and Good Luck Charm. Both stories are still in progress so if anyone is actually crazy enough to enjoy my writing please be patient. If nobody has actually read my flights of fantasy then all is well.

I'm going to be attending a firelfly Meetup in Orlando Saturday. So if anyone has a wish to meet a few firefly fans and watch the 'Train Job' as well as enjoy a little trivia and a prize feel free to come. check out the Meetup at Meetup.com...and search for Firefly Meetup Orlando. There are still 6 spaces open, Dong Ma!?

So who am I, why am I here...well dear reader I'm your average gentle giant, a poet in the guise of beast, a man of great size and little means, a master of the spoken word and a completely illread bafoon. (Yes, there are pictures be patient) So why am I a Browncoat? Is it the Western influences? Is it the references to Eastern culture? Is it the transcendental nature of the complex character and plot show we have come to love more then any other? Or is it that Inarra is totally hot....Yes dear reader all of the above.

So until you hear me again, or read, because if you're 'hearing' me you're more frightening then I could possibly imagine. Just keep flying, and stay shiny.



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