For all you Bluesunroomers also a minie review
Friday, September 15, 2006

DAZ software http://www.daz3d.com/ is giving away oodles of free software including Bryce 5.0 (untill the 20th of september so 5 more days) the basic figures for the most popular poser models: Victoria, Michael, and Aiko (I think till the end of the year 2006) and Daz studio (I think indefinitely, or at least untill they decide they aren't getting enough paying customers out of the deal.)

Bryce is a rendering program that does a really good job with things like an island in the middle of the ocean with a couple of trees and a rock on a fantastic world far away sort of pictures. Daz Studio is a posing and rendering program that you can use with the models above plus some other free things you can download off their website to create scenes with passable looking people and scenery in them. Good enough for a webcomic at any rate and I have seen some very nice results from people who know what they are doing and have access to photoshop to prety them up.

Now none of these things are the full deal but they should be enough for you to play with to decide if 3D modeling is something that you can make use of in your art. At which point you can start maxing out the mastercards to get the bells and whistles.

In other news I finally got the long awaited Serenity RPG adventure Out In The Black. It looks nice. Not as nice as the core book but still quite prety. It's a softback and the pages are black and white as opposed to the glossy color of the main book but that is to be expected in a product of this type. The adventure itself is a bit of a railroad job which seasoned gamers may find annoying but which might be an advantage for a group new to the hobby and perhaps a bit unsure of what to do. The adventure is designed to be used either with our BDHs or a crew of the players own devising though it will almost certainly play very differently with Mal et al in the starring roles than it would with a new crew for reasons I can't explain without getting very spoilery.

Anyway worth the money I'd say. Then again I'll buy damn' near anything with the word Serenity on it.





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