Visual Companion and much more!
Sunday, September 3, 2006

Yes, that's right I purchased the Firefly Official Visual Companion (Volume 1) today at Borders. It is most amazing. Has grand pics and interviews and backstories and scripts. I am enthralled. I cannot wait til the second volume comes out in the spring. Just adding away to my Firefly collection.

I also go the newest editions of Lord of the Rings. Much joy there as well. Be watching the extra features for a while now.

My old roommate came back for a visit bringing with her, Angel. It's amazing. She is really the one who got me turned onto Joss with her obsession with Buffy. Then she left and I got into Firefly and she got Angel. So Angel is nice. She is now into Firefly. And we are all very happy. Happy with Jossness.

However, Gina in season four of Angel really, really creaps me out a hecka lot. *shudder*

I will now include a list of Firefly items I own, to be followed by a picture at some point.

Firefly DVDs
Serenity DVD
Done the Impossible DVD
Done the Impossible soundtrack
Firefly soundtrack
Serenity soundtrack
Finding Serenity
Serenity novelization
Serenity Visual Companion
Firefly Visual Companion vol. 1
Serenity comic book novel
Serenity comic #1 Mal
Serenity poster
brown Serenity shirt
orange Jayne 'fighting elves' shirt
tan 'Wash lives' shirt
brown 'Browncoats done the impossible' shirt
brown Firefly shirt
Jayne hat
Browncoat- Tristan style
leather riding boots
flight suit
Browncoat patch
LYNDONO patch (Wash, BDM)
combined forces patch (Wash, BDM)
wrist cuff
Hawaiian shirts

Things I really want include a vest like Zoe's and a pistol and leg holster. Anyone know where I can get ahold of a vest like Zoe's?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting. (best do it)


Tuesday, September 19, 2006 11:59 AM


wow! very nice collection! thanks for supporting firefly in soo many ways!!! lucky lucky you

Tuesday, September 5, 2006 11:26 AM


That's quite the collection of stuff you got there, AgentRusco. Feeling mighty jealous of ya;)



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