For whom do we write?
Saturday, August 26, 2006

Okay, so at this point I've been giving some thought to why it is I wrote the three fanfics I've posted to this site. I discovered Firefly this summer, and of course got really into it. Like most browncoats I'm sure, I always had what I figured were brilliant ideas for new episodes.

Writing fan fiction, however, seemed a new level of obsession I wasn't quite ready to jump in to . Still, "Honor" nagged at me. Pure fluff, I figured, it'll be fun to write and then I'll be done. Cathartic, if you will.

And people liked it! a few hours after I posted it, I got some nice comments. I was surprised when more people wrote in to say they liked it. I'm a published writer - nonfiction articles in alternative newspapers, mostly about politics. No-one ever sent me as much as a damn email about stuff in papers with 35,000 readers.

So I wrote a second piece, "Song of Shepherd." I waited for the acclaim to come pouring in.

Not so much. The odd dog barked. That's not entirely true; several people left supportive comments, encouraging me to write more. But it took a lot longer for folks to respond.

So I did, "Home." But I find myself waiting in anticipation for someone to acknowlege that I had done good again. Poking around the site, I find other people begging for comments at the end of thier pieces.

I don't like to think the reason that I am writing is because I want to be praised, but rather because it's fun to write...


Wednesday, August 30, 2006 5:39 PM


Well...I know I try to leave comments for everything I look at, even short ones. But maybe I am a freak o' nature;)


Sunday, August 27, 2006 7:11 AM


Personally I write for myself, the majority of stuff I write goes unpublished in any form and only gets read by the few people I trust to give me an honest opinion. However, if I do post something I get obsessed with getting reviews. I don't care if they're good or bad, I just like people to acknowledge my work, I get really disheartened if I don't get some sort of feedback.

I think a lot of it depends on what time you post something and how many fanfics are flooding in at the time, if it's a time when few people are online and there's been little fanfic posted then you're going to get a lot more feedback than if you're posting at heavy load times.

Saturday, August 26, 2006 10:10 PM


Aaw, c'mon, admit it, we do it for the reviews :)

Seriously, I'm in the same boat here. Don't lose heart. At least this site has that little counter that tells you people are looking at your fics. And I keep finding pieces of mine popping up in other folks' work, which is another not-so-good way of keeping track.

Writing is something you either have to do, or you don't. The reviews are the chocolate-y frosting on the protein cake. It's gone quiet on the site for a while, which is either people on vacation, going back to jobs after the summer, or being scared off by the trolls. I figure that while one person is still reading and reviewing my stuff, it's all good, though. I shall now go and leave reviews for you. Trying not to write the stories in your head will only send you a bit River, so keep flying...


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