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Monday, August 21, 2006

Wow -- it had been over a month since I posted a chapter of my fanfic. I can't believe it. I'm so sorry, everyone!

I have been trying, and for a while it was going well, but...

1 - A few days after my last log entry, I got into a car accidnet. Pretty crazy. Our car is dead. It was struck on the passenger side (I was making a left turn when I shouldn't have), and it fell over onto the driver's side. Boom -- and suddenly I was on the ground covered in glass with the wheel smoking and strange car fluids spewing out. I wasn't hurt, though my sister was a little banged up (she's okay now, thank the stars -- though she has a few scars).

2 - After the afrementioned car accident, I just -- I don't know. I weirded out for a while. I was driving. I felt so bad about my sister. I felt so weird because I still needed to drive everywhere, getting things for her, doing favors for my mom, etc. I felt so guilty. I mean... geez. I think I tried for ten hours, no joke. I tried to force myself to write, but I just couldn't.

3 - also, with the accident brough all this strang contemplation about my Aunt's recent death (she died May 20th -- coincidence that I didn't post any fanfic chapters in May? Nope. between that and school ending, and going home to my house with my parents offically divorced... fun, fun). My conclusion, death makes more sense right after it happens. I watched her die, watched her gasp... it was horrible, but it made sense. For some reason, I keep expecting her to be back now, but she isn't. It is so weird.

4 - flash forward to a week later, I moved out of my parent's home into my first apartment. Moving craziness! ah!

5 - flash forward another week, I finally got internet in my apartment. I also write for virtual firefly, and I had a deadline for them, so I focused on that. I did a little with ch 18, but... blah.

6 - Flash forward another week. I have to go back to my mom's house and go to traffic court. I was planning on coming up tuesday (tomrrow), but my best friend is finally back from California (his dad lives there), and he asked me to come saturday so that we could hang. So, I did.

And here I am.

With all this, I have really forgotten all about "Over the Hills..." It's strange. I can work on other things, but right now when I re-read "Hills.." to get back into the groove, all I can see is the mistakes I've made, and I keep feeling like I have myself in a corner I can't write my way out of.


But, it is getting better. And so am I. I'm not sure how much writing I will get done this week, being home and focusing on hanging with family/friends, but I am going to try. At the time of the accidnet, eighteen was half finished already. So, maybe it won't be as hard as I think.

Sorry for the delay, and the semi-emo rant. I'm feeling truthsome.




Thursday, August 24, 2006 5:40 PM


Wow...certainly puts any of my reasons for not getting things done to shame:(

Just glad you and your sister are alright, Katie. Lord knows the site and the BSR would be a darker place if you had been lost to us and to your family. Take your time, get back into the swing of things...and we'll be here with a mug of something strong and tasty to celebrate your first time back in the saddle;D


Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:14 AM


*virtual hug*

Different crap, same problem here. Hang in there. (And next time your muse shows up, nail it's feet to the table.)

Monday, August 21, 2006 10:55 AM


Scary! Car accidents are horrible, I know how you feel. And so much worse when you feel responsible! (I ran a light once...)

Hope you get better, and do what you need! The fanfic muse will return when it's time!


Monday, August 21, 2006 9:27 AM


blah - almost a month, not over a month.


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