Saturday, August 12, 2006

Just adding something new here. What makes ppl so mad and argue on the internet? I have no problems with discussions or debate. We can't all think alike or feel the same. What gets me is when someone thinks they can start talking about your personal life. Until we meet and become friends or whatever they should say nothing personal.

Some b/g on me. I work in a factory in the south east corner of Tx. I am senior operator above 40 coworkers that do the same job. I am leaderman over 6 ppl. I know my job and the company hired me to do that job. I do it well and see to it that the guys below me are motivated to do their job as well. These guys are somewhat family to me and I enjoy hearing their stories and about what they like to do. In a way I view our workspace as our little Serenity.

It's also kinda like I see my home and family.We are a family of 4 in a small little boat on the face of this world.Zerenity. Maybe that's why the show hit a note with me.

Life isn't always pleasant but in the words of Malcolm Reynolds "Their are objects in our path and we will deal with them one at a time." Maybe not the very same words but close. I complain some but all in all life has been good to me and mine. I'm looking to a brighter future. Hoping to get more FF/Serenity and reach retirement where I can paint and travel with my wife.

Z, Aug-2006, out


Saturday, August 12, 2006 7:38 PM


Well...in an attempt to be both polite and express a dissenting opinion...you have a point to a certain degree.

One should only share details here in the public forums if they are willing for said comments to be available to be read by any schmuck with a PC who falls into our little pit of Browncoat unity. However, that doesn't mean someone can't share if they feel comfortable with doing so. Everyone had a different level of personal comfort, so I personally think if someone's willing to share their dirty laundry, then they should be given the respect for being honest and asking for advice if need be. We're all here to carry our fellow BCs when they can't walk anymore;)


Saturday, August 12, 2006 5:18 AM


Hello DUKKATI, good morning to you. Or if it's evening where you're at goodevening then.

Thanks for your post. I really enjoy hearing from ppl. Member for a couple of months are you? Well welcome aboard. Been here less than a year myself.

As you can see most everyone is SHINY here. We do debate, but wouldn't it get dull otherwise :)

So you're using Captain Bryan's computer. Well I have a son named Bryan. It isn't his is it? Just joking.

Really the world is such a great place.If it starts getting really bad we browncoats will have to take over won't we.

see ya,Z

Saturday, August 12, 2006 4:56 AM


Hey to you "Z"

I'm hoping for the best to come also.
I'm prepared for the worst too.

I shall not go quietly into the night.


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