Job hunting - advice wanted
Thursday, August 3, 2006

Just looking for a bit of advice, found the following job, looks quite interesting:


We are seeking an enthusiastic, bright and willing person to employ as a Driver/Trainee.

Initially you will be delivering equipment before progressing to learn camera, lighting and sound preparation. After proving your competence there are further opportunities for the right person to make their career in TV. A clean driving licence is essential and you must be over 21.

Personally, I think it sounds great, it's not exactly what I want, but it's a guaranteed contract, it's in TV and it's a foot in the door towards what I want to be doing. I reckon I'm pretty much exactly what they're after, I've just come out of a media degree, I've got some technical experience and I'm hugely enthusiastic about the medium.
Okay, now here's the bad news: It's in Middlesex. I've just signed a 12-month contract to live in Swansea, if I move out I have to find someone to replace me or I'm stuck footing the rent. For those that don't know, there's about 200 miles between the two places.

Anyway, I'm just looking for a little advice, obviously there's no guarantee I'd even get an interview, but I figure I'd open it up to public opinion, rather than just having all these conflicting throughs swimming around in my head. Apply and risk not making enough to cover both rent payments or wait til my contract's up and hope something better/more local comes along?


Saturday, August 5, 2006 6:34 PM


Personally? I would toss my hat in the ring and let the chips fall as they may until knowing for sure that the job's either mine or someone else's.

Gotta take the risk to reap the rewards, so I would advise you at least apply for an interview...but also start asking around to see if anyone needs housing in Swansea. Could find someone to cover your contract quite easily...though I would stress it would be a possibility only until you know for certain. No reason to get hopes up in other people;)

Oh...and I think the job sounds mighty cool:D



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