Browncoat Signal Corps
Sunday, July 23, 2006

I have been very surprised and disheartened by our limited response to our plea for volunteers.
I dunno why, I just expected folks to just clamor to help!

I'm deeply worried that our window of chance will speed right by this summer and into the Serenity 'Versary. I know we are doing all we can... and with our hearts full in it. But I still worry. I can't help but feel as if Universal will surely see our numbers growing if we can gather enough folks into our big family.

With the huge volume of viewers of YouTube and the huge amount of folks who go about in the myspace universe I have hopes that we'll make Firefly/Serenity a part of pop culture. It already is such a success story.. I hope we can add to the legend.. that wonderful "mighty" that we are!

Well, we'll see.. the battle is on.. we'll see who's colors fly at the end of the Summer. :)

On a sadder note.. ( sorry this blog has been down lately) my little kitten ( one of three motherless babies :( ) was killed by the same evil dog who killed it's mother. There are still two remaining and they are well and more sprightly. Little Mia was a doll.. white with orange on her ears and tail.. very delicate and kind. I cried. Even though I live on a farm and I know that death comes.. I cried.

I promise to be happier tomorrow. I do, really!


Monday, July 24, 2006 2:01 AM


Thank you BEB, I'm better this morning.. not so down. We will prevail.. we're mighty, how can we not succeed?

Sunday, July 23, 2006 8:24 PM


Let me offer my condolences, FollowMal....all life is sacred and wonderful, so this kind of occurence is just blow I presume:(

And have faith, FM! It may seem that our numbers are growing in fits and spurts, but the message is out there and ready for acceptance. I guess we need to show the time is right for those wanting to show their allegiance to do so without fear of mockery or reprisal!




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