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Sunday, July 16, 2006

[Obvious spoilers for Flesh and Blood and No Man's Land]

Well, SG-1 wasn't quite on last season, but I really liked this one. Great end to the last cliffie and great new one, even though it didn't technically say "TBC." Maybe I'm more psyched for this season because, well, RDA's coming back for a couple of eppies (most notably the 200th. major squee!) and also because Morena is starring as Vala's evil Orisci (sp?) daughter. Again with the major!squee.
I'd say 8.5/10, just because I still don't think we can with against the Orii and that's bugging me.

No Man's Land was superb...Great cliffie again and some great Ronon/Rodney and John/Michael (!) interactions. Michael's an allie now? Hmmm...that could lead to all sorts of unpleasantness. What's weird is that I actually trust him. Is that a commentary on me? I loved, loved, loved Liz in this ep, especially her whole talk with Landry where she admitted to messing up. Her and Rodney should have a talk when they get back about screwing things up big time. I mean, seriously, he not only blew up 3/4 (oh, sorry, 5/6) of a solar system, but he's partially responsible for the Wraith heading for Earth. But he's one of my fave characters and I ship McWeir (figure it and David Hewlett has some amazing lines/delivery. "I'd rather die as a hero than as a meal." Love!
9/10. (Not as good as some of last season's but a great start to this one.)

Oh, and my Dr. Who obsession has grown. Any Christopher Eccleston (9th doc) fans out there?



Sunday, July 16, 2006 7:00 PM


I certainly enjoyed Christopher Eccleson's performance of the 9th Doctor, ForeverShiny...though I wanna see the new season to compare and contrast David Tennant with Christopher and see who comes on out top:D



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