y'know, its almost not worth it.
Friday, July 14, 2006

honestly, its getting to where it's almost not worth it to convert new 'coats, simply 'cause then you have to go through the same 'proccess'- y'know, watch the series through, poke around on the dvd for a few hours trying to find the hidden episodes after OiS, because you're *sure* they're there, because, c'mon, why wouldn't they be?
anyway, where this is all comming from is i converted my paretns recently- when i first got into ff they treated it like any other interest/obsession of mine, but then i dragged them along to serenity a cuple times (my dad when it was in theaters, and both to a charity screening), and they wanted to watch the series. so i watch it w/ them, and now bam, my mom's knitting herself a jayne hat and my dad's commisioned a 'leaf-on-wind' shirt. and horribly, i have to watch them go through the same proccess we all did- my dad expresses, many times a day, how he just doesnt understand how it wasnt an immediate hit, my mom's taken to saying shiny (although to be fare, she did that a little already just because i use it so much), and they've both asked me who they should write to to get it back.
it's great to get new 'coats, thus increasing the chances of getting it back, but its so painful!


Friday, July 14, 2006 7:27 PM


Ah...the pain would be soo freaking worth it, Miramel! Just imagine...all this pain channelled into one big, noisy message of protest to get Fox smarten the f--k up;)



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