Stagecoach the 1939 version of FIREFLY
Monday, July 10, 2006

I just watched the 1939 John Ford movie STAGECOACH last night. I hadn't seen it before, but have heard it mentioned so many times, not only as a seminal Western, but as the blueprint for some many movies which followed in all genres, including Sci-Fi.

What struck me, watching it as a huge FIREFLY fan, were the similarities between it and FIREFLY/SERENITY. I'm sure Joss is very familiar with STAGECOACH and that he knew exactly what he was borrowing, and I'm not trying to say, "Oh, he totally copied this movie." I'm just saying that it was fun to watch because it was like watching another version of FIREFLY.

There was the goofy "pilot" (stagecoach driver), the elegant lady like Inara - who was not a companion. There was a whore in the movie, but she had a lot of Kaylee elements, very sweet and kind. There was a doc, and someone with a secret running from the law. The Apache attack at the end was so much like the Reaver chase in SERENITY, I kept waiting for John Wayne to get speared in the leg...

I definitely recommend this movie for Browncoats!



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