Nur is making me hate Simon: vol.1
Monday, May 31, 2004

I hate to say it, but is slowly eroding my love for Simon. Over the course of the next couple of blogs I shall attempt to explain why. As always you are welcome to disagree or not as you see fit. These are completely and utterly my own opinions and I am very well aware that they are not popular ones. This however is my blog and I shall strive onwards to rant about Simon in the hopes that getting it off my chest will make me stop dreading the next time I see a post about him.

What drives me bonkers is the mostly overridding belief that Simon and Kaylee should be together. I shall now wait patiently while the mob throws rotten fruit then quietly disperses before continuing :P

Part the first: Romance is a two way street Missy!

Simon and Kaylee are from two different worlds. Socially, economically, culturally they had very opposing upbringings and like it or not, that shapes who you are. Simon is trying his darndest to conform to his new situation. We've seen his clothing style loosen up, him smile more, and him actually acting like a real person not the stiff cardboard cutout that his old society expected him to be. What we don't see though, is Kaylee making any type of concessions at all. She expects Simon to totally and completely embrace the courtship rituals of her society and becomes increasingly upset when he can't fully do that. And he tries people, he really tries. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something..ahem..sorry, wrong fandom reference. He tries, and yes he slips up but is that really call for the cold shouldered, spiteful verbal lashing that Kaylee dishes out to him? Not at all. Once, just once, I'd like for Simon to inadvertently say something offensive while trying to be nice ie) "I love your hands Kaylee, they're so strong. Not like the girls on Osiris with their smooth, milky-white skin, no your hands are real hands, working hands." Now of course Kaylee will be insulted by this just like always, but in my semi-perfect universe she would smile and accept it for what it is, a complement. We could then anticipate the usual Kaylee-like reply "Thanks Simon, good to know that you think I'm so unique." But unlike anything ever seen before, this wont be said like unique is worse than the Alliance, it will just be Kaylee genuinely pleased with a compliment that Simon has (clumsily) paid her. Sadly this will never come to pass. We will never see Kaylee meeting him halfway, ever. So I urge you (those that havn't already left in disgust to go petition Hakken to blacklist me from, next time you watch your DVD's or tapes or however you get your fix, really look at whats being said. He isn't trying to be mean, but she is. She lashes out with all the spite of a little girl who didn't just get exactly what she wanted. Lets stop blaming Simon for every little thing that goes wrong, shall we?

Just as a little end note, there was once when I felt Kaylee has legitimate cause to feel offended by what Simon has said. When he called Serenity luh suh (though in the heat of the moment, upset by Mal) he had it coming. You just don't do that, especially when Kaylee is around.


Monday, May 31, 2004 11:33 AM


i agree with alot of this too. i've had my share of back-handed compliments, and sometimes one does have to lash out at the that person, but more often one should stop and think about what the person intended by it. Sometimes people are trying to be mean, but Simon is obviously not. Kaylee over-reacts as a "typical female" and it doesn't quite fit (IMHO).

That being said, Simon is what she dreamed of when she was a little girl. She didn't grow up rich, and, in her mind, he rides in like a Knight in Shining Armor -- which he's not. When Simon doesn't live up to this, she does revert to this childish behavior.

Why is it that she can get shot and still tell Mal "it's no one's fault," but Simon says "You're the only girl in the world" in an obviosly joking manner (after he has just given her an actual compliment and she pushes for more) and she storms off?

(i am the queen of run-on sentences.)

I think i'm beginning to hate Kaylee... hmmmm... that's not good.

Monday, May 31, 2004 4:35 AM


you're hitting two totally different issues: the "fitting into kaylee's world" thing and simon's blundering.

simon isn't trying to become what kaylee wants, simon's trying to adjust to the new world he's been thrust into. kaylee would do exactly the same if she became a refugee at the tam estate. i also believe kaylee would be working to make simon's transition easier if she knew how. it's true that they are from very different worlds, and know little of the other's. simon doesn't know how to fit in any better than kaylee knows how to fit into his world, except simon is IN kaylee's world now, so he has no choice.

and simon's blundering is just him being a stupid boy. we all do it. he's not trying to fit into kaylee's world when he says he likes her because SHE'S THE ONLY GIRL IN THE WORLD. that's just plain rude. he meant it as a joke, and i would have laughed, but it's also not something to expect people to like. calling serenity le se, saying kaylee's the only girl in the world, telling mal he and kaylee didn't do anything ("no, i wouldn't--not with kaylee!"), and all that good stuff is just simon not knowing how to deal with ANY people, not just rugged ship mechanics.

in short, i disagree. i guess i just don't see the issues you pointed out as real issues at all. i just hope that some day you can regain your appreciation for the relationship, and for now just stop reading simon <3 kaylee threads!


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