Yup, it's been way to long.
Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I've not logged into this site for age, all i've done is brows. Then today i was listening to music and i Introduced some people to firefly (it was my browncoat duty) and they are now thinking about buying the DvDs. So I found a Shiny site like oh three days ago (still-flying.net) and saw the shiny pics from the show... Then i had to mess with them, you know add text, make them brighter or darker.

I posted them on my myspce, then i came on here today and i saw Kaynara's new chapter and read it. It left me so, I don't even know what this is, i supose i feel a bit like i'm floating and like i just had alot of coffee. And i loved it, so I posted my pics here.

Wow i just read what i wrote and i sound like i'm bouncing about hehehe. Oh well hope you all like the pic/ icon thingys, I have more if you like them. They are not like super shiny since i only have paint and word to work with but they look nice. So yeah please if any one reads this go take alook and comment... ok well thanks for your time folks, i'm going to go to bed or something.

Oh by they way if Kaynara read this... Great Job! I'm still spinning about from reading your fic, please post the next part soon!



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