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Friday, June 23, 2006

So happy Serenity Day to all. Too bad I live in the boonies and couldn't get to a screening. Oh yeh, and I also had to work. Anyhow.

I'm ever-so-glad that the site is up and running once more. Now I can post and crud.

Hey, please check out my fics. Some slipped by without reviews and are languishing in misery.

I've been asked (way more times than once) to write longer stuff. And I'd so love to. But y'see, I am simply unable. I cannot pull through endings. I'm not good at developing a strong plotline. So I do glimpses. I flesh out brief moments. It works out for me. Now, I'd love to write longer. I'd really, really love that. I could blame my lack on the imaginary creature I call my muse. But, let's face it. It's my problem. I hope that majoring in English will help me out in this area. I love to write and wanna keep it up indefinately. So... If anyone wants to partner with me. I'd love ideas and stuff for fanfics.

Languishing AgentRusco



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