Monsoon Season - A Firefly Moment
Thursday, May 27, 2004

You've heard the expression "When it rains, it pours" right? Well, around here, it's monsoon season.

The monsooning (is dat a woid?) started when the server crashed at work. Actually, since I work at a church, we say it was "Raptured" but basically it comes down to the same thing - a patch that is supposed to give us access to the database server. What I've learned from this is that patches are beyond problematic in ways you cannot possibly believe, and just about all the computers that can be hooked up have been booted off at one time or another. The only thing to do then is to come to me and ask why when really I'm just a high-end user, not an IS person.

But there's a funny part - are you ready? Dell LOST our replacement server - isn't that a riot? I really wish I was kidding, but either they or the shipping company lost track of it. The best part is that it did arrive at the place of business for our volunteer IS guy (church, remember? all things are volunteer) only nobody could identify the signature of the person who signed for it. Oh yeah - it was stolen. This week I'm told the new server is imminent, but am I holding my breath? I feel like Mal in Out of Gas ("I got 9 people here, all wantin' to use the network.") I just wish I could huddle up in a blanky somewhere and take a nap... actually I wish I could huddle up in a blanky with Mal. Napping at that point would probably be totally optional.

And then there's school. Some of you have heard my shiny praise for my progress thus far - still can't fault classes where I'm ditigally or maually lost in the throes of creativity for four to six hours a night. But I think if I'd known what a complete hassle financial aid is, I never would have gone near the idea of it, so it's a good thing I didn't know. I LOVE my classes, but I HATE the administration. AI International Minnesota is more or less a branch office of the main school, which is located in Cincinatti, so in a sense I'm out on the rim trying to follow the really wacked-out rules of a core-world administration. If I could, I'd get into my car (Lunan) and drive to my very own piece of the black somewhere in Northern Minnesota.

So If I seem spacey these days, or unresponsive please know I haven't forgotten the browncoats. Firefly remains a part of my life every day - especially at 11:30 p.m. when I'm still hunched over a light table working on a Color & Design project while Jayne's talking about dirty deceivers. I keep writing fan fic because I can't stop, and because it offers me the escape that I can't afford to take right now.

Thanks to all the stress I'm under - and I can't tell you how much I hate that word - I'm starting to meet the real me... I really don't like her very much.


Thursday, May 27, 2004 2:13 PM


But we do, Channy....I'll be outta town for next two weeks if you post Heartbroken...I still very much wanna proof it for ya...Later


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