HELP and bad thing
Friday, June 16, 2006

Bad timing may I say for this to go down. Bad day
Here are my chouces
1- Go to Lake Powell with my family on Thursday ( first time I've gone in 10 years) result- family happy /husband and browncoats pissed
2- Wait a day go to midnight screening of Serenity then get home at 2:30 am and get up at 6am and drive 81/2 hours to hopefully have family bring boat back to marina and pick me up result- family irritated/me pissed/ husband and browncoats happy
3-Blow off Lake Powell and stay home for the 11th year in a row. result- family pissed/me irritated and sad/ husband happy
Sucks to be me ( sorry kind grouchy) Just feeling like whatever I do someone's mad



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