Finally! I have my life back! (and a cat fight)
Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thank you, dear and fluffy Lord. I have finally finished my geography coursework, after 2 whooooole months of no life, pain, torture, and less time to spend on FFF (clearly the worst part). I now have mork time to work on a little fanfic and a series of images I'm planning - watch this space.
On a side note: there was a he-uge cat fight out side my maths room, last lesson today. On the maths corridor in school, there are the outside windows on one side of the corriodor, and the classroom windows on the other side. Anyway. Don't know how, why, or what it was about (dont paln to get involved - always the best course of action), but these 2 girls attacked this other one, slammed her into the outside window and actually cracked it, and then turned her round and slammed her into the classroom window that I was sitting under, and I honestly thought she was going to come straight through it, scared the life out of me. Everyone ran over to the windows, and was laughing, but I was like: its not funny, she could have easily smashed her head open. Really, some people.
Just a little drama and gossip for you.
Anyway, off to watch Third Watch, a show I love almost as much as Firefly, which arrived last friday, but my mum wouldn't let me watch until I'd finished my geograpy. She called it motivation, but I called it cruelty



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