Raven vs. Firefly: Who wins? Uncle Bob.
Sunday, June 11, 2006

But seriously, if there are any people who have better memory than me, and there should be about 6 billion, I stated a while back that I wanted to turn my 30 year old pinball machine into a Firefly one, with sound effects and other shiny stuff. But I realize now that I overlooked one fact: my pinball machine is 30 years old. Built before computer chips, the beast runs on a spinning drum like a player piano and is just as hard to keep in repair. As of now there are more broken parts than functional ones, and even if I get all of them fixed my 15 year old brother doesn't want to redecorate it. He thinks it has value, but if it does it's only sentimental.
But do I flounder, do I give up? For a little while yes, but I've managed to find an even better machine for my idea: a 1980's Raven machine, with more lights, tracks, targets, built in speakers for digital sound effects, and (huzzah) computerized controls! Digital scoreboard and everything! And only for $550! Similar machines go for $1500.
So there. Exitement still there, but my fingers have stopped shaking.



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