Just An Update IV
Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Well, life sucks. It's been a boring summer so far, as always. Don't have much to look forward to... The ignorance of the modern world is causing me to hate it even more and more by the day, as does being alone and stewing in my own steaming pool of anger. MAKE ME A STONE, so I have no emotion or care. Can't wait till I am reborn as a new man later. Planning to raise some money and head to a Buddhist commune, or start one of my own. I'd like to live off the land with a bit of townsfolk. Go back to barter, hunt for your food, earn your keep. That's how we outta live nowadays. Computers, I guess, could be a leisure. Could serve as a communications post... Hmm... Oh well. Just babbling. I went to the doc's the other day, not in Capital City, of course, else I'd be fixed up right away. Seems I have an enlarged portion of my heart. Hope its not serious, but it hurts a tad. Hope it doesn't flush my military life down the sparkling porcelian bowl. Maybe my wish is being granted. GET OUT OF THIS PLACE AND TIME AND BEGIN ANEW! This world definately NEEDS to change.

If anyone sees this... Do you think I should continue my Fanfic? Does it matter? I'd be throwing my penny into the fountain, but there are still thousands of dollars worth of them resting at the bottom, and mine isn't any more shiny.


Friday, June 9, 2006 6:43 AM


Every penny is special to someone, Yorik. I have felt the same way, though I haven't found the courage to start, since so mucn good work is getting turned out by some of our fellow Browncoats.

And I certain hope that "you" (not sure if the first paragrah is real you or fictional you gets better.



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