Tuesday, June 6, 2006

So I left straight from work on Friday (after taking several raised eyebrows over why I was putting on a work shirt, a pair of not-too-tight khakis, combat boots, and suspenders), drove through pouring rain, arrived at the Fernwood and promptly found out that 1) registration had closed over an hour earlier and 2) Adam Baldwin had cancelled at the last possible dwindling second due to a family matter. This was a subject of much bitching amongst the event staff for the rest of the weekend. BUT, all was not lost: Nathan Fillion was still in, a bunch of cronies from FFF eventually made themselves and the imminent Shindig known, and with all due immediacy I joined the gathering. We watched a couple of episodes and then 'Serenity' while we hung out, chatted, talked shop, etc. By this time I had already received a half-dozen compliments on my Mal costume and been mistaken for Nathan Fillion by one of the event staff members (albeit she didn't say anything, just stared at me like I had four arms and another half a head).

Then Jonathan Woodward showed up.

Human speech cannot describe how downright, utterly, intrinsically cool this man is. He is AWESOME. He is down-to-earth, fan-oriented, friendly, wacky, and a super guy. He's also a photographer and wasted no time snapping pictures of us Shindigging. I introduced myself (still in my Mal costume) and he said, "What's up, Captain!" To which I replied, "Okay, you want to tell me why you got yourself all corpsified and mailed to me?" "Still trying to figure that one out. Another thing I can't figure out is why they wouldn't let the guy in on the motherfucking plan!!!" (Well, that kind of would've ruined the deep dark thick layers of meaning at the end, wouldn't it?)

So you can imagine how friendly we got as the weekend progressed. What I wouldn't give to see Jonathan again at another con some time. day, first thing, got registered as soon as the table was open; then, photo shoot with Nathan. Once again I was in costume. Since Adam Baldwin cancelled and Jonathan Woodward stepped in, I got my picture taken with both him and Nathan. When Jonathan introduced us, Nathan shook my hand and exclaimed, "Hey, nice outfit!" Can you say 'mind-blowing'? I am dressed as Mal and the guy who portrayed him has just complimented me on my costume. Yep, I'm still coming off of that one and probably will be for the rest of the year at least. "Damn - thanks very much!" Gotta scan the pic but I'll post it when done.

Nathan and Jonathan stole the show for every Q&A session they were in. They are a class act, I tell you, funny as all hell and dead crazy on top of it! In fact, Nathan showed up a little late to the Q&A on Sunday, so instead of going up to the stage, he got in line behind a lady who was asking a question and then he played the part of a nervous fan who was asking a question for the first time and wanted to know what it was like to be on a Joss Whedon TV show. The man is a laugh a millisecond and no mistake.

Needless to say, I got his autograph on Saturday (still in costume, of course). In response he wrote upon the photo, "Chris - stay shiny. Keep your pants tight...and ON."

[Kaylee]Yes, sir, Cap'n Tightpants! [/Kaylee]

Got Jonathan's autograph as well. Jonathan, it was teh awesomeness meeting you as well, brotha.

I think by the time the weekend was over, four people had mistaken me for Nathan and perhaps a dozen had randomly asked to take a picture of me in costume. I was like, GEEZ, people, it ain't THAT good! I don't even have the coat yet! But the whole weekend was the most brain-warping stupendous time I've had in years, so nary a complaint from this quarter. ;)

Now one other thing that must not go without a mention.

When I arrived on Friday night, I was informed about the close of registration by a young woman busily clattering on a laptop. Crud. So I sat down and we fell to talking. We chatted for some hours, about Firefly, how we got interested in it, who our favourite characters were, and all that good gou shi. I saw her again numerous times during the weekend, notably on Saturday night when she wore an Inara costume to the banquet. Not long thereafter: "You realise of course we have to do a photo shoot with these costumes now."

Credit where due: we have a fellow Browncoat, who goes by 'noneofyours' on LiveJournal, to thank for this bit of our Mal/Inara fun.

[img src=

(Ugh, I look disgusting with facial hair in photos. Note to self: when the possibility of an impromptu photo-op arises, SHAVE, GORRAMMIT.)

Anyway, this extraordinary young woman and I kept company for a great deal of the weekend, particularly the Saturday-night Shindig and the Sunday-night dance, and the couple of hours that followed. I fear that it would not be wise to post further detail here.

Let it suffice to say Mal was not as fortunate with Inara.

Let it also suffice that a forbidden emotion has reasserted itself as worth having once again.

My Inara.......

I'm feeling kind of truthsome right now, and life's just too damn short for ifs and maybes.

I know what winter's about, too many nights, not enough days
I watch the birds fly south, and know I don't wait...
Maybe it's the things we don't say
Maybe love is the new maybe.


Tuesday, June 6, 2006 8:39 PM


You lucky hundan! I so wish I could do conventions, but between location and cost, my options are less than slim:(

Oh well...congrats on making Mal/Inara shippers little hearts go "thumpity-thump" with your hook-up with the shiny lady in the Inara costume!


Tuesday, June 6, 2006 3:27 PM


Wow! You met the man himself! I'm way to envious of you now. Also you look fine with facial hair. It's cute!


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