sucky day
Saturday, May 22, 2004

i've had a hard week lol i bet loads of people say that I hate it everything thats happenning. my friends are throwing a big party tonight sept I'm not going don't feel like it. One of our friends, now exfriends, has been causing to much trouble and this week she was screaming at me coz i wouldn't tell her what the others where saying about her. anyway they gave her back her money and told her she couldn't go to the party and things got wprse from there. I couldn't even come home and watch firefly as my mate had stolen it and wouldn't give it back. I played game of life and we went round the bored twice had loads of fun cheered me up a bit. I married Summer Glau and eliza dushku and we had 6 tiny children whoose names where :
first is our boy Kimble-James Glau
second a girl Kaylee-Jewel Glau
3rd a boy Kelly-Jayne Glau
4th a girl Kennedy-Jenny Glau
5th a girl Kharisma-Joan Glau
and last a girl Inara-River Glau the special baby with differnt name

I also won with £35,59,000

it was a lil highlight. i miss feeling happy and like me i miss some one special in my life who shall remain nameless



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