Operative Hand Thrust / Vulcan Nerve Pinch
Thursday, June 1, 2006

Now, we've all seen it on Star Trek. Kirk, Spock and Chekov are on a planet and they need to get past a gaurd. Chekov could just puch the guy, or Kirk could hit him with a chair, but instead Spock comes up behind the guy, squeezes near the base of the neck, and the guard falls to the ground out cold. I was reading the Action Heroes Handbook(pity they didn't have any skills from Serenity or Firefly) and in the paranormal skills section on page 111, they tell you how to do what has become known as the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. The directions were somewhat unclear in terms of were exactly to strike for the near instant, almost silent nockout that Leonard Nimoy always seems to deliver on screen. I know it was just a T.V. show, but I am under the impression that it can be done. If anyone reads this that has ever used the Vulcan Nerve Pinch(from here on in refered to as the VNP) I would apreciate it if you tell me about were to strike/squeeze, if you need to actally hit them with a Judo/Karate chop or can I just squeeze like Spock did, and about how much force should be used along with any other helpfull advice. I would also like to add that I am not a lawbreaker (Far from it, I hope to go into law enforcement, well I want to be a Park Ranger or Game Warden, but that's still law enforcement) and would only use the VNP for defence perposes.

Also, I would like any information regarding the thing that the operative in the BDM were he would come up behind the guy and shove his hand into there back(From here on refered to as the ONG or Operative Nerve Gouge). If anyone with any experience in this area could give me afew pointers, that would be great. Any other techneques that you could share with me about how render nock someone out or temporarily imobilize them (giving me time to run away and get the law) would be a great help, especaily from someone who is curently in the military or has long sence left that line of work. Ya see, it's not that I live in a bad area or anything like that, I am fairly strong and in O.K. shape (I need to lose afew pounds, but I've got some muscle on me)but am kindof slow, so if I am ever in a fight, punching might not be the best way for me to go about defending my self, so if I could get instructions for the VNP or the ONG, or another Self-Defence move that doesn't require a large amount of strength and speed, I would be athankin ya.

I am posting this here becouse:

A, I know from reading some of the posts here that atleast one person here could tell me what I want to know.


B,I hoped yall would be willing to share your information

As Malcom Reynolds said in Serenity "I just want to go my way" well, thats pretty much all I want, except there my be someone allong the line who desides that instead me going my way, his fist should go on its way to my face.

Keep Flying


Thursday, June 1, 2006 11:26 PM


There is a rather nasty nerve running by the collar bone in the next that causes a lot of pain when pinched by strong fingers. I've never managed to knock anyone unconscious but I have had them sprawled on the floor in pain. It also causes a numb arm which stops them punching you.

I do not randomly do this to members of the general public. In fact, I haven't done it at all in years.


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