Two more converted today
Thursday, May 20, 2004

I converted two more people at Cantr today. One of them I was talking to in MSN a few weeks ago and mentioned Firefly. Since I post a lot of Firefly things at the Cantr forum (of which I am now known as a the Firefly whore) he was wondering what it was all about so I told him about it. He then said to me that he didn't like sci-fi shows but that he would give it a try should he come across. He e-mailed me today to tell me that he had rented it and now that he loves it.

I converted another person from the Cantr forum today that has shown interest in the past. I finally got her to download 'Serenity' from the internet. She posted that she is now hooked. I think I did my duty for today. But alas, converting new Browncoats to the ranks is an endless job. So many more to convert and less than a year before the movie comes out. Must get to work.

I plan on converting a couple hundred more people at the camp I work at during the summer (Rotary Scout Reservation). So I'll keep you all posted and updated on what happens at camp and how many seem to be converted.


Saturday, May 22, 2004 7:33 PM


Well, we have to bring the show to other people in order for the show to speak for itself. And that is what I am doing.


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