Motion City Soundtrack
Sunday, May 28, 2006

So I caught Motion City Soundtrack when they rolled...or rather, flew...into Hawaii on Saturday. Ranks up there in like my top...5...shows I guess, even if Justin screwed up his foot and couldn't go all crazy. And believe me, it's quite a list...despite the fact that Hawaii doesn't have the best pickings.

But about that... I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last show, which was Billy Corgan last summer when I was up in San Francisco. I should say that really my last show was The Eagles doing their Farewell I tour in December. It's been a year since I saw a show at a club and Hawaii venues are pretty crappy too. Far, far too small for this stuff. Not like the Fillmore where I saw Billy Corgan.

Also...what's up with all the little ones? All they do is take up space up in the front and then they have to push their way back when the heat/moshers gets to them. Now that I'm 21 going on 22...I'm getting to be a really big fan of 21+ shows...or at least 18+ shows.

Or maybe an 18+ line at the club... You know, if you're under age you stay at the back. Or...well...Hawaii could get some bigger venues to host shows, haha.



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