Strep Throat Sucks
Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gahh... I hate being sick.

First I thought I'd pulled a muscle in my neck, but once that went away I realized my throat was swollen. Still isn't really all that sore, but it's definately strep. I'm so swollen that I can feel that little hangy thing in the back of my throat touching my tongue :P

Keep putting off going to the doctor, too. My insurance isn't all that great, plus I'm just too plain lazy. Been trying to kick it with some herbal remedies but it looks like I'm going to need some actual antibiotics.

Wouldn't even bug me that much if I wasn't still in the infatuated stage with my girlfriend. Not quite as romantic when I have to suck down a lozenge before we get into sucking face :P

Anyways, that's going well at least. It's the reason I haven't been hanging around here as much. But I have managed to convert her to the 'verse rather quickly. We've got Heart of Gold and Objects left to watch, and then she can finally stop bugging me about the movie.

Finding Firefly's actually a pretty good date show, really. Lots of laughs, and some good touching parts that are rather conducive to cuddling. Plus it's always a treat to see someone responding to Firefly the first time through. I think maybe she's a little jealous of Kaylee, though. But it's only fair 'cause I think she's got a thing for Mal. (She was watching almost too closely during the beginning and end of Trash the other day... :)

Still, it's nice to have someone to watch the show with finally. Was getting lonely watching it all by myself and not having anyone to share the laughs with. I think we woke the neighbors the other night during Jayne's "I'll be in my bunk" proclamations. :P

Okay, so. Now I'm rambling. Again. Guess I'll stop, then. Spread the word, keep the faith, and hold the line all you shiny 'Coats. Captain Verbosity signing off.


Monday, September 4, 2006 3:22 PM


Ahoy cap'n verbosity!
It's called a uvula (yoo vyoo luh).
The rambling nurse would like to advise you to haul your keel into the doc ASAP.
If it's something viral it'll pass with comfort care. If it's strep it won't and it will just get worse. Antibiotics are a must in that case. Let the prescriber know you need the cheapest drug that will work. Take it AS DIRECTED and UNTIL IT IS GONE. No arguments. You skip it or stop it early and you can wind up with a pocket of bugs that are resistant to that drug. "We laugh at your puny penicillin. Ha! Ptooey!"
There's only so much that gargling with garlic and honey can do for you.
Hit an urgent care (or public) clinic if you have to.
Stop swapping spit, you're contagious. If you like that girl you don't want to give her what you've got.
Okay, I'm done now.


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