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Monday, May 22, 2006

When I got my new job I immediately made a list of things I wanted/needed to buy with my first few paychecks. I had to go without a lot of things including tuna helper while I looked for decent pay. It's on another computer right now but this is what I remember: [list]
[*]Fix the car: She was hobbling. It was hard to get her up to 50 MPH.
[*]Pay back Eric: He loaned me $25 when I miscalculated a bill
[*]New Bras: cause a wire was sticking out of one and the other few were just uncomfortable now
[*]Bento Box: Cause I wanted a pretty one
[*]Large Scarf: To cover my hair when I am in the convertable
[*]Sunglasses: I lost mine months ago and they would look cool with the scarf :)
[*]New Camera: The old one broke months ago, I was tired of not having pictures of all the stuff I go to, and I had my eye on a Canon Powershot
[*]Wash Patches: For my sweetie's new Wash costume
[*]Kanzashi: Pretty hair ornaiments geisha wear. I wanted just one to stick in my hair from time to time. My old bira kanzashi finally broke after so much wear with my kimono
[*]Water Filter: Cause water in FL taste like a science project. I mean I never knew water from a city could taste so horrid and still be safe.
[*]Air Conditioning: My car is black, and I live in FL I need not say more :)
[*]Pedicure: cause I've never had one. I take care of my feet myself. I figure I'm old enough to endulge in one.
[*]Warriors of Legend Book: Cause I still harbor a crazy love for Sailor Moon
[*]Zoƫ's Dogtags. Meant to get them ages ago and couldn't. They'll make a nice addition to the costume.

I've taken care of a lot of these by now. Car is fixed, eric was paid, I LOVE my new bras, I ordered a sweet yellow bento box, I got a large pink scarf that fades to a lovely toffee brown and looks most excellent on, got sunglasses that rock, my camera is the SHIZNIT I'll link to pictures it took at the end of this post.

Now I just gotta remember to get a water filter next time I am at the mall. I haven't seen any affordable bira kanzashi I like, and we'll work on the rest....

I have something new also...I have a crown on one tooth and it has decided to venture away from me....so onto my first dental appt without parents around. This will be fun....cept not :P

Onto awesome pictures!
I apologize for the big ones... I forgot how to link up on here

^ My first panoramic image assist pic

Peter being silly in front of the TV


Monday, May 22, 2006 2:27 PM


oh, nvrmnd. least, the flower one worked. huh, guess im just impacient

Monday, May 22, 2006 2:26 PM


picture's not workin' :(


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