Tuesday, April 25, 2006

* Te ma de!

"Your Mother!" or "His Mother!" (Mal, on learning of approaching Alliance ship.)

* Bi Zuei {Mal sounds like bih-zway}

"Shut up." or "Shut your Mouth" (Mal, over comms, to Zoe & Jayne as they fret about Alliance ship.)

* Shi ah. {Kaylee sounds like Shoo uh}

"Affirmative." "Yes"(Kaylee, to Wash about going to black.)

* Ai ya! Hwai leh! {Wash sounds like Ai ya! Hoo ah lay!}

"Oh No, it's spoilt!", could also be "oh no, we're ruined" (Wash, as Alliance ship scans them.)

* Bi Zuei {Mal sounds like bih-zway}

"Shut up." (Mal, to Wash as he banters with Jayne in cargo bay.)

* (Joo ta ma ya ming). Zhu Yi

"Watch your back." or "Becareful"(Wash, to Zoe as she & the others go off to meet Badger.)

* Qing jing.

"Come in." (Inara, to Book knocking on shuttle door.)

* Ni de ma de. Tian Xia suo you de ren dou gai si. {Mal sounds like ya duh ren doh goy swa}

"Yo Mama! Everyone under the sky should die" (Mal, on learning there's a mole on board.)

* mei mei

"little sister" (Inara, addressing wounded Kaylee.)

* Ni men dou Bi Zuei! {Mal sounds like ...bih-zway}

"Everybody shut the hell up!" (Mal, as everyone argues about killing the Fed.)

* kwong-chee duh {Wash sounds like kwing chih duh}

"nuts" (Wash, meaning crazy, about flying without core containment.) #I honestly can't figure this one out

* xiao mei mei {Mal sounds like zao may-may}

"little sister" (Mal, addressing Kaylee.)

* Hoon dan!

Jerk! also "Bad Egg"(Jayne, referring to Patience's man.)

* Ai ya, wo mun wan leh.

"We're finished." (Zoe, as Reaver ship approaches.)

* (DELETED SCENE) Shuh muh?

"I'm sorry?" (Simon, response to Book's comment about Serenity's name not being a joke.) * Qing zai lai yi bei Ng-Ka-Pei?

"Can I have one more glass of Ng-Ka-Pei, please?" (Mal, ordering in bar.)
Note: Ngkapei is an actual Chinese rice wine/liqueur soaked in the root bark of the medicinal herb acanthopanax. More about Ngkapei

* Oh, ze zhen shi ge kwai le de jing jun...

"Oh, this is a happy development..." (Mal, about impending barroom brawl.)

* Ke wu de lao bao jun...

"Horrible old tyrant..." (Kaylee, referring to Mal and getting back to work)

* zhen de shi tian chai {Kaylee sounds like jun duh sh tyen-tsai}

"an absolute genius" (Kaylee, referring to Mal and his plans.)

* Dong ma?

Understand? (Jayne, to Simon about his unimportance.)

* go tsao duh {Jayne sounds like go tsao day}

dog-humped (Jayne, about location not being Niska's rendezvous spot.)



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