headware continuity errors
Friday, May 7, 2004

i've got 2 things to say. one's a possibly new editing goof, and the other has to do with a long standing one. first the possibly new one.

at the beginning of Our Mrs Reynolds, when jayne and mal are in the wagon...

right as they draw their guns, surprising the hooligans, the pretty floral bonnet disappears for an instant.

it starts as a close-up on mal as he's speaking, and then he starts drawing his gun. it switches to a wide shot, then a shot of the head bandit guy...
it gets wide again to do a really short pan of the scene, and mal's bonnet is gone!
and then just a couple frames later it's back with the close-up on jayne. and it's right after that shot that mal pulls the bonnet down.

the other thing has to do with the infamous jayne hat in The Message, with regards to the reappearing straw. again, i don't know if anyone has already figured this out.

when jayne gets the hat it's covered in straw, since he just pulled it out of the box his mother sent it in. we all know that. later jayne has presumably cleaned it off. but it's back for the scene when the crew is searching tracey's crate. this isn't an error. it's because the coffin was packed in the mailing crate with more straw. it gets one jayne's hat because they ripped everything appart to see if there was something hidden. the straw had to go somewhere, and some of it went on the hat.

yup, so the straw thing has been bugging me for a while, but i was excited to notice the bonnet.

ok, that's all i got for now!



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