SEASON 2 episode 1
Sunday, April 23, 2006

This is the beginning of my fanfic once finished it will be published in the Blue Sun Room.
Plot: Introduction of Jorja Reynolds.

Jorja looks down at the letter she just started to write.
Dear Mal, I'm sorry for shooting you.

"Well that sucks," disappointed Jorja screws up the paper and tosses it across the room to the already over filled wastebasket.

"I just don't know what to say to him," talking to herself she hurls the rest of the paper at the wall and paces the room.

"I guess i'll just have to talk face to face, that didn't work all to well last time though," and leaves the room.

"Uh.... lady we're all filled up. Not a room to spare. Maybe next time." Kaylee explains the situation, blocking the inward ramp to serenity. But Jorja pushes passed.

"I've always admired the Firefly class," comments Jorja as she inspects the ship with an ever careful eye, "Its one of those ships that just remind you of the past and how different it was."

"When do you expect the captain back?" Jorja enquires.

"Any minute now, but as I told you we are all full," replies Kaylee.

Now the pair are just entering the kitchen. Jorja continues to inspect the ship. In the distance the voices of Mal and Wash are heard. Jorja stops her inspection and walks to the voices, Mal continues his conversation with Wash.

Mal looks up, notices Jorja and draws his gun. Wash and Kaylee look around horrified to see Mal pointing his gun at a lady.

"GET OFF MY SHIP!" exclaims Mal. Jorja raises her hands and starts to back down the ramp. She thinks about saying something but pauses for a second and whispers to herself, "I knew this wouldn't work."


Several months later, Jorja sitting behind the bar comments to the bartender, "I'm almost finished this, you can go home, i'll lock up."

"Ok, boss, only if your sure," replies the bartender.

"Yeah, go ahead, nobody gonna turn up here tonight," Jorja explains, "to many alliance in this sector."

The bartender agrees and leaves the bar. The door shuts and for a minute she's alone to finish her paperwork.

She hears the door again and asks, "You forgot you jacket again, didn't you?"

Silence fills the room, then footsteps creep closer behind her. Jorja slowly reaches for the knife hidden under her paperwork, but before she can, she feels the barrel of a gun at her head.

"Oh crap," she thinks. She turns slowly to see a familiar face holding the gun to her head.

"What do you want?" Jorja questions the familar face, who now has discovered the knife she was reaching for and pockets it in his coat.

"What do you know about River?" demands the familar face, still holding the gun to her head.

She scans the tired and dirty face, its not how she last remembered it, but that was about a year ago since she last saw him.

"I told you everything," she replies. Unsure if he is angry or just after more information she adds, "Is that necessary," and points to the gun.

"Are you sure there's nothing else you want to mention about my sister, Jorja," asks Simon, "and knowing you, it is necessary."

"No, I told you everything i know about River," replies Jorja, relieved that Simon has also put the gun away now, "Why what has happened to the two of you?"

"Same old, same old, the alliance following us," replies Simon and sits beside Jorja. Jorja gets up and pours two drinks, places one in front of Simon. He shakes his head.

"No thanks, I don't drink much anymore," passing the glass back to Jorja. She sculls both drinks and pours another for herself.

"Yeah, suprised you're here, actually there's quite a few alliance in this sector tonight," comments Jorja, "so you better get back to Serenity."

"Thanks again for setting me up with that crew, they've been.... good." says Simon, as he gets up from his seat.

"So what exactly did you want when you came here tonight?" Jorja questions Simon, as she's puzzled to Simon's presence in a alliance hot sector.

"River's just being... her i guess, I had to use the safe word last week when she went nuts in a bar not far from here," Simon replies, "but she has good days and bad days. Just thought you might have found out some more info."

"No I quit the alliance, just after we got River out of that place," Jorja replies, Simon now on the way to the door, "If i find out anything new I know where to find you, even if Mal's still upset with me."

"Remember don't tell Mal about River and me," Jorja comments as Simon opens the door to exit.

"No never, that's you're job," Simon replies, the look upon his face clearly shows he's a little worried about what Mal will do if he finds out, he leaves the room.

Jorja is left alone once again, puzzling on if she should write or see Mal again to explain.


To Be Continued.....


Wednesday, May 10, 2006 8:09 PM


I like it. I could use some major brushing up, though. I'm willing to help ya out with that. Em, also there is the thing about present tense. You see, it is... difficult. Perhaps not at all uncommon in fanfictions, but the norm is past. Just a tip, it works fine in present tense. Nice twist about Jorja getting Simon hooked up with Serenity. I'm interested. Keep it up.

Monday, May 8, 2006 4:04 PM


This is quite good. I'd like to read the finished product!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006 6:08 PM


this is funny, how come it's not in fanfic?


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