I got some 'splainin' to do
Thursday, April 20, 2006

In all the plot twists, details, characters, descriptions, etc that have to be put into fanfics, it would be not only time consuming, but also kind of, not flowy-like. I put together some descriptions of the tech in Pot23C that I couldn't put in the fic itself.

On Lasers: Lasers are still in their infancy. They are big, bulky, energy guzzling, and expensive machines. Laser pistols and rifles are still only a dream. Ships, on the other hand, can mount a few laser weapons. The size and energy usage would probably make the laser(s) the primary weapon, or a weapon that was only used in extreme situations. Lasers are definitely powerful, able to burn through armor and hull panels extremely quickly. As such, they are usually restricted to military ships only, which have the budget, facilities, and ships large enough and properly equipped to use and maintain laser weapons. Because they are so difficult to use, only one ship has a laser weapon as a standard feature: The Claymore Heavy Assualt cruiser.

Turrets: The turrets mounted on ships are similar to what you would expect to see on a modern day battleship. They're big, and they shoot big shells, sometimes explosive. Turrets are standard on almost every ship ever made.

Fuel cells: A new type of gas was discovered frozen in the rings of Saturn. This gas can be refined into a very explosive, powerful, and efficient fuel. It is stored in fuel cells that provide enough fuel for a specific ship type for a certain amount of time.

Comm system: Basically just an intercom system that is used to communicate throughout a ship or between ships.

Boarding seals: These are big collapsible hallways, that extend from one ship, attach onto the hull of another, seal in place, then pressurize to accomadate humans. Oxygen is pumped through a vent system into the seal. From inside, people can cut through the hull of a ship to board it. Used as docking when attached to boarding ramp/doors/hatch/etc.Also used occasionally used for repairs.

Broadside missiles: Imagine a 17th century sailing ship, with its rows of cannons along the side. It's like that, but with missiles instead of cannons.

Lightning guns: High powered rifles that fire bolts of electricity. Usually used by law enforcements as ranged stunguns. Can be set to deliver lethal bolts though. Bolts fired can arc between several close proximity targets. Illegal outside of government use.

Grapplers: A little gun that fires a strong magnet attached to a length of cable. The magnet attaches to a metal object, like a ship, and the cable is used to reel the object toward you. Or you toward the object.

Thrusters: A different way of saying jetpack. Not powerful enough to lift humans with gravity, so used as propulsion for spacesuits.

That's all for now, but there will probably be more coming. If there's anything you want me to clarify on, just ask.

~WG out



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