Sunday, April 16, 2006

i had this whole big rant written about this person i know who was being a complete troll about serenity and the browncoats, saying there wasn't that many of us and we weren't going to achieve anything real and he was talking all the way through serenity and offering us all pirate copies of the BDM and just basically being a complete ass...ooh, i'm all fired up now.

right, my friend (charis, otherwise known as bob) and i went to our other friend's *heather) house and i brought my firefly and serenity DVDs 'cause that's the kind of gal i am. unknown to me, two others were coming (rhino and the troll). i'd bulldozed them all into watching serenity and they were all being okay about it (there was alcohol involved it's the only way. i mean, heather and bob actually named themselves the anti-sci-fi brigade, but back to the rant). except the troll.

not only did he spend the whole night making fun of me and being really sexist and rough with me (he's a six foot six walking ball of muscle-bound testosterone. i'm a skinny little five foot tall teenage girl. even rhino told him to back off, but did he? nooooooooo, 'cause he's mister i'm-so-cool-and-strong-with-my-tae-kwon-do-that's-so-much-more-important-than-passing-higher-english) but he talked all the way through the small part of serenity that we managed to watch. we gave up when we realised there would be no way to hear what was going on over little gems such as this pair:

"oh, this bit's really cool. it's the best bit in the whole film. it's really funny. listen. you missed it. go and put it back so they can see it again."
they missed it anyway.

"i'm playing triple x in my head. i can do it word perfect every time. it's better than this."
WHAT?!? it was the part with the reavers chasing the mule out of town!! how the hell can vin fricking diesel talking in a funny accent be more exciting than a heart-pounding, palm-sweating, breath-stealing chase which may result in the horrible, bloody, violent deaths of our heroes?!?

and you know what the worst part was? not only did he talk through the movie and prevent everyone else enjoying it and dismiss the browncoats as "a small bunch of weirdos" who will achieve "pretty much nothing" because we're all too busy "signalling the mothership and telling spock to beam us up", but he owns a pirate copy of serenity . a PIRATE copy. unpaid for. stolen. depleting joss's stores of much needed and deserved support as the networks don't seem to care about public outcry, only facts and figures. and do you know what he did when i made the incredulous "what the hell?" face? he offered me a copy. he said i was jealous. never mind the fact that we were trying to watch my official DVD. the paid for, legal, supporting joss one. never mind the fact that we brought our series to the big screen. never mind the fact that there are countless articles about how that was achieved.

i mean, to just dismiss us like that? some of us (and i'm not including myself in this for the reason that i became a browncoat after filming started) spent an incredible amount of energy, time and money bringing serenity back. so you know what? if you ever meet someone like him, i'm begging you, for joss's sake, don't make my mistake, tell them exactly what a troll they are. remind them of our triumphs through tribulation. and maybe, just maybe, we'll shame them into crawling back under their rocks with the rest of the insects.

wow, i almost had myself convinced there. i know you're thinking "wow, what a drama queen etc. etc." but i don't got this crown for nothin'!!! so just ignore me if you want, i just needed a place to vent (hey, don't judge me, i have career-defining exams in 3 weeks time!!! )


ps. a few positive points, though:
1. the anti-sci-fi brigade were BOTH telling the troll to shut up because they wanted to watch the movie
2. one of the a.s.f. brigade actually referred to serenity as the BDM (they're using the lingo! soon they'll be wearing hawaiian shirts and drinking mudders milk!)
3. i got my first DEFINITE conversion!!! rhino's da man!!!
4. bob agreed to go to starfury with me!!! possibly because she knows sean maher might be there, but whatever. starfury is starfury.
5. my boyfriend (DOODJC) joined the site today, despite not knowing anything about the 'verse except that the ship is a firefly and i'm in love with jayne. so be kind to the poor confused little darling, he's only trying to understand me.


Saturday, April 22, 2006 6:17 AM


yeah and if you want I can lend you my callahan full bore auto-lock incase you run into others like him

Monday, April 17, 2006 4:46 AM


You know what?

He was jealous and bitter and not worth any of this angst.

He could see you enjoyed something, were passionate about it, and obviously knew a lot about the Universe and accompanying information.

He owned nothing but a pirate copy of the movie.

And your superiority made him feel inferior. The only way for him to defeat that was to try and break you down.

Don't let him.

He sounds like a bully, a really big kid that would've picked on little kids for their lunch money, but ran if an adult came by.

Sunday, April 16, 2006 11:59 PM


Rant away.

What an ass he was. Sympathy aplenty.

*hugs Bellona*

On the brightside... isn't your boyfriend sweet!

Sunday, April 16, 2006 7:47 PM


I would have gone postal on the troll's ass for just ass. But that would have just provoked hostility that could have been better focused in sentencing the putz to "The Special Hell"

And oh yeah....good work with the conversions and promises. We shall pimp for a better end (more 'Verse!):P


Sunday, April 16, 2006 3:22 PM


Oh, b, I know how you feel...Well, not exactly, but sort of. I have people who think they're cooler than my obsessions, too....On a happier note, you got the anti-sci-fi brigade to convert, at least a little bit. Job well done. lol. :-D


Sunday, April 16, 2006 1:47 PM


Wow. I can see how that would be upsetting. And as for a place to rant, this works fine, or you could try unearthing the rant thread that Seryn started a little while back. That's a great place to post this stuff. Some of the responses are usually great.


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