Friday, April 14, 2006

Hello sweet (Mostly), innoccent (Never), Universe! How art thou? Anyway, I decided to tell you about my series, Traveller's Tales.

The first chapter was about River's dreams, and how she anticipated the character of Jack. To the guy who was wondering, Zoe is Hoban's mother. How could you not see that?

About the character of Jack, well, he's a mixed bag. You'll have to see how the series develops to know more about him, but I didn't intentionally want to make him a shifty character, but he seem to turn out like one.

The second chapter was just about establishing the crew relationships. I wanted to show how they interacted on a daily level, but my priority was get straight to how they met Jack. Which, in fact, they won't do until chapter four.

The third character was about the Tam's and Kaylee. Originally, I just wanted to get on with the plot, but I decided to give Simon and Kaylee a hard time from River because I wanted to show that she was quite upset with them. She was also bored (Memo: Don't make her angry). I wanted their relationship to affect the crew, and the way they percieve the two. I wanted them to understand it was more than just a fling. Jayne, being thick as a rock, did not.

Next chapter, we'll meet Jack. What happens from then on, I don't know.


Chapter four up! Next chapter, we'll..well, You'll just have to find out! If you're going to leave feedback, give it a rating, too. Or something similar to that.


Chapter five up! Someone mentioned the Lord or The Rings secret diaries, which were hilarious. I did my own version for Mr. Cobb, during the Big Damn Movie. 'Tis fun. It's up now. Enjoy.

Also, Nine Hells Dude? Mal lets a seventeen year-old mind-reading psychopath fly his ship. She's also a bit, you know, loopy. Sometimes she says stuff no one understands. To further the point, Mal is also a bit dense. Of course he let him on.



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