Easter, families and angst!
Friday, April 14, 2006

I'm angsty. And all becasue of a stupid holiday that is not my own.

We were slated to have Easter dinner with our not blood, but much closer to us,family. They live locally. Alas, her eighty odd year old father is having a malignant tumor removed from his brain on Tuesday. Needless to say, she needs to be in another state. I understand, I am not upset at her cancelling. Just concerned.

What kills me is that she was going to drive to see her family for Easter, drive back here to have Easter with us Sunday night and then drive back to her family Monday. Damn. That really gives me warm fuzzies.

We had to initally reject a last minuite offer from my husbands father to attend dinner with them. This was fine with me as there is alot of bad and awkward blood there. I am not totally comfy and it's an hour and half or so away.

However, with us free, there was no reason NOT to go see my father-in-law and his wacky wife. This left me with kind of a moral dilemma. I don't necessarily want to spend my evening there. But it seemed like the right thing to do. It would make these people happy, seeing their granson. Just feels right to go. Got no good reason not to. But there is that part of me that does not want to let them win. One really dark part that wants to deny them what they want. Just cause. Revenge for a few years of crap talk and hurt feelings. I don't want that side of me to win, so I guess I'm not a Reaver, I'm a human girl. And I have no idea...

Wrapping up, since it's Easter and it's hot here, I'm dressing my kid up in his Wash-esque Hawiian shirt. Something I would like to see rise again. I don't mean that dirty, children.

Thanks for letting me rant, sorry for the legnth and enjoy Easter or Passover, if that's your thing.


Friday, April 14, 2006 5:37 PM


Hey, I think it's great you're not letting the revenge side win. I used to have big annoyances with my in-laws, but it's gotten better since I've stopped responding to all their crap. It just comes down to what sort of person you decide you want to be not the sort of person they are. Good luck


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