I Trained The Coffee Guy!
Saturday, April 8, 2006

So, my wife and I go to the local coffee place for desserts after supper.

OK, so we walk in and someone new comes to help us, tells us he's new (it actually was his first hour), etc. We, of course, make the joke about ordering something that he doesn't know how to make.

We both order a peice of cheese-cake. Since we wanted it to go, he had to find the take-out containers. He asked the owners mother (who was helping him) where they were, but she didn't know.

I pointed out the place where they were kept and then made the joke, "How can you tell I'm here often?"

After that, we ordered a double espresso each. There was no beans in the machine and he needed to grind some. I told him that I couldn't help him with that (I didn't know where the beans were kept, what kind, etc), so he asked the owner.

She said that another customer (can't remember the name) knew, and as she was saying that a hand came from behind holding a bag of espresso beans.

I then proceeded to tell him basically, how to make espresso. No, you can't use that side of the machine, the tubes are plugged. Yes, you can use that other one. etc.

All in all, a somewhat interesting experience. Probably for the both of us and anyone else that happened to be there as well.

Just thought I'd share


Sunday, April 9, 2006 1:58 AM


I know he's going to remember his first helpful customer! I think it was especially fortunate that he got you, a regular, to help him along. So many times we are in such a hurry, we aren't even polite much less supportive.

I love a good cup of coffee and cheesecake. Sure hope they're served wherever we travel in the 'verse!


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