Friday, April 7, 2006

Chapter two FINALLY got written, typed, and posted. That was one gorram stubborn chapter. Chapter 3, on the other hand, is coming along quite nicely...except for one tiny little detail that will shape a good bit of diolouge for practically the rest of the story. Also...a little plot twist-ish thing that won't leave me alone is gonna result in a lot more little-Jayne flashbacks. Which should be fun, especially if I ever get to include little Jayne w/ lil' sister interactions I've been brainstorming. for Simon to have a bad, bad brain twang in coming chapterse.

As for the reason I titled this AT LAST...the website wasn't cooperating. Over in community it'd show me as Ladyknight. I click on "My firefly" it takes me to my profile, and suddenly, I'm signed in as "guest" and can't do a gorram thing. I asked in the chat and they said it'd been doing that a lot lately, all week. Hope the tech minds behind the site get that worked out soon.

Also...when I finish "Bring me to life", thanks to...gorramit, can't spell her name, a Real-life frend and fellow browncoat and memeber, I'm concidering making my next series of clips for that one song "technologic" and center it on Wash and Kaylee...'cause it totally fits them both, and the immages just won't go away! Or I'll use something by Distrubed for ether Mal or River. (I was scared when I found out how many of their songs fit two of my all-time favorite people...)

Anyway...I'll start ranting if I don't go more thing though, I'm pathetic. I just spent an hour on watching old interviews and crying when I turned up no results for Ron Glass.

Oh yeah, that reminds me, Shephard, incase you didnn't know from Chapter 2, will actully play a rather large role in events as they unfold. Right now, in Chapter 3, I'm looking for an excuse to switch POV's so I can disjoint it. It's easier to write disjointed...'cause then stuff can happen without having to explane it as it does. May or may not do that though. Anyway...

NOW I'd better wrap up.

Really this time. I have River pics to put together.



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