Dish Pan Hands
Thursday, March 30, 2006

I work from home; IT stuff.

Right now I'm in the design phase and I want to do a damn good job. So, I only work when pretty much fully awake and while working, I do a lot of pacing, rolling things around in my brain. Want to get it right the first time

But, the result of this is that, while I'm walking around, sometimes letting my back-burner go at a problem, I want to be productive.

Just now it was the pots. I washed them. So, now my hands are all wrinkly. I didn't think it was bad so I just came back to work again. Then I touched paper.

Soggy hands touching paper, yuck.

Now I have to wait for my hands to dry out before I can get back to work. So, I thought I'd write this blog while I wait.

Damn water... *grumble*



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