Woohoo, another convert in another city
Thursday, April 29, 2004

So, after debating, decided that in order to get more converts I would spontaneously gift a friend who I thought would love firefly but most likely had not seen it before (in fact he'd not heard about, sad what a social life will do to your tv habits). After waiting anxiously for him to receive them and then watch enough to form an opinion (he's disciplined enough to ration himself to one a night!), I finally received the good news today: I quote: "Firefly is awesome. It's official."

Of course, his next statement cracked me up since he so rarely makes typical guy statements: "Not sure who my favorite character is yet; at first I thought it was the hot, the hot chick that's with the red haired guy. Then it was the mechanic chick (I would've stopped watching the show if they had friggin killed her off in the pilot)."

And of course, at the end he couldn't help but wonder as to why the show was ever cancelled!



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