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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Well, due to crummy support from what had previously been a great web hosting service and constant down time I have migrated to a new host and my website is down while I do a massive overhaul in content and look.

So my head is stuck two feet deep in the sand at the moment.

So - the latest ont he Firefly Fan Film is this - stand still.

A script is done, the ugliest computer crash and virus infection i have ever suffered has made me upgrade to a new system (poor me) and I am now having to re-do ALL my 3d work, can we all say "learn to back up" with me.

Stupid guy that i am.

Anyway, so I'm playing catch up while prepping a feature film I am shooting at the end of the summer called "Asylum Alcatraz" you will be able to see the latest over at in the next few days.

I am hoping to entice some "talent" into the cast of this Mamet meets King meets Wood Jr. horror-thriller film.

In negotiiations with some familiar TV faces (if you watch TV and certain shows - more to come at my site)

And all the while my pet project of Firefly: Orpheus is stepping back and forth. Mostly back. Now forth. Now forth again. Back. Back. Forth. Sideways. With a twist.

Hope everyone here is happy, healthy and wise. I'd add wealthy, and if you are email me - you can produce a feature :) otherwise have a great day. Drop me a line. Stop by the site after 4/30/04 for updates and away we go.


Thursday, April 29, 2004 10:06 AM


if "state & main" doesn't scare you away from hollywood nothing will


Mamet = dialogue
King = thriller/horror
Wood Jr. = no $$$$

Wednesday, April 28, 2004 8:40 PM


When did Mamet make a horror film?

(And no, "Wag the Dog" doesn't count).


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