Thursday, March 23, 2006

So, the first time I watched Serenity (the pilot), I misheard the conversation at the dinner table between Simon, Jayne, and Kaylee. Here's how I thought it went...

Jayne: Kaylee just wishes she was a gynecologist.
Jayne: It's not my fault she gets all lubed up about some big city dame...

The first time I saw Inara, I thought "Oh! This must be the big city dame!" When it became obvious (some time later- Mal's comment about servicing crew in the Train Job didn't help any) that their relationship was nothing more than a friendship, I just chalked the comment up to Jayne's social inabilities.

I saw the pilot episode many more times, and each time I heard the same thing. It wasn't until recently, when I was watching the commentary with the English subtitles (the best way to watch commentary to episodes you haven't seen recently), that I realized that the social inabilities lay with me and not Jayne. Yeah, I felt dumb. Has anyone else similarly misinterpreted something on the show?


Thursday, March 23, 2006 3:45 PM


You know... when the series was on the air, I ended up missing "Train Job," so the first ep I saw was "Bushwhacked." There's the interrogation scenes scenes on the Alliance ship between the purplebelly and the rest of the crew. I ended up hearing a couple of those things wrong, and somehow thought that both Mal and Wash were married to Zoe :) I figured, well, it's the future, so...


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